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Cyber Security within Energy and Utilities

Keeping your systems and data safe and secure
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Fujitsu intelligence led IT security services – protecting against threat and attack

Within energy and utilities, a highly complex infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the delivery of vital services, processes and functions. This infrastructure is vulnerable to threat and cyberattack, and so for providers, IT security must be about far more than keeping sensitive data protected, it must equally be about protecting operational processes and functions to keep the power on and water flowing.

Today, cyber security and ensuring compliance, is an industry priority that cannot be ignored. At Fujitsu, we operate one of the largest security practices within the UK, and are a world-class cyber security service provider with a comprehensive range of security services that align with regulations ISO22301:2012, ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS, and SOX.

We work in partnership with world-leading security vendors including; Log Rhythm, Symantec, McAffee, becrypt, Forcepoint, Proofpoint, Juniper and Check Point to keep your systems, processes and customer data safe from threat and attack.

  • we provide 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and incident response
  • we turn data into actionable intelligence to protect you against cyber-attack
  • we help you to respond to the threat of targeted attacks
  • we help you to achieve and retain compliance with changing rules and regulations

Fujitsu Managed Security Services

We have vast experience of delivering secure IT and can help you to; protect your customer data, maintain your customers’ trust and rapidly recover from attack. Our solutions can help you to understand trends, rapidly react to changing conditions, predict/ prepare for future events, and maintain consistent compliance. We help you to create effective working practices that manage risk and meet changing regulatory requirements.

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Fujitsu strengthened our overall security

Scottish Water, UK

For Scottish Water, we implemented Cyber Threat Intelligence and Managed Security Services to enhance the organisation's defences. Intelligence driven security analytics are now used to rapidly detect and prevent crypto-malware, and disinfect contaminated devices.

Big Data security. Can “The Art of War” help?

With the rapid increase in corporate data, IT security threats are growing fast.

In the first of a series of security-themed posts on the Fujitsu UK & Ireland blog, one of our security experts, John Swanson, asks what cyber security can learn from Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

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Blog article - big data security

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Connected Assets

Connected Assets

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Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations

Fujitsu supply chain management, Big Data analytics, wearable sensor devices and GlobeRanger RFID technology can unlock supply chain complexity, turn intelligence into competitive value, and harness your physical and digital assets.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Fujitsu’s intelligent led IT security services can protect your systems and data from theft and cyber attack.

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Smart Connected Workforce

Fujitsu technology for the connected workforce, such as our industrial IoT technology and Hyper-Connected Van, provide efficiency and productivity improvements that can enable you to surpass customer expectations in an increasingly competitive market.

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