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Customer experience in the energy and utilities sector

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In a market that's perceived as delivering a commodity, customer service is the great differentiator.

That means customer loyalty, retention and service expectations are the key priorities in the energy and utilities sector.

Today's customers have high expectations. The exceptional services developed in retail and on the web lead people to expect smart, personal service from everyone they deal with.

Customers want;

  • to interact with businesses in the time, manner and medium of their choice.
  • accurate, easy-to-understand and up-to-date information.

Dissatisfied customers can let the world know in seconds through social media. These issues can be amplified when celebrated cases are picked up by the mainstream media. Your business is in the spotlight at all times, so you need to be continuously monitoring customer activity and delivering a consistent image across all channels.

For most customers, your call centre agents and engineers are your brand. They need rapid, easy access to detailed customer information, and they must be able to interact with customers in every channel. They are also your best source of feedback on service performance, so capturing and analysing the intelligence they gain is crucial to improving your service.

Fujitsu has the technologies, strategies and experience to help you win, keep and delight customers. We are committed to helping energy and utility companies deliver world-leading customer service. It's time to set a new standard that others envy.

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