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Industry IT Services and Solutions

Fujitsu is a world class IT services and solutions provider, with vast experience designing, developing, building and operating IT systems for both public sector and enterprise scale customers around the globe. Read more about Fujitsu's IT Services and Solutions.

Retail Technology - Connected Retail & Hospitality Retail & Hospitality

For over 40 years Fujitsu has been providing customer focused retail technology. We are constantly innovating and pushing technological boundaries to develop IT solutions that give retailers an edge in competitive markets.

Financial Services IT Solutions Your challenges, covered

Fujitsu has been the chosen IT partner for some of the world’s largest financial institutions for over 40 years. Today digital technology is changing how customers want to access financial services. Our IT solutions offer new secure ways to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, reduce cost and build trust.

Central Government IT Services Shaping the future of public services

Fujitsu has been powering central government for over 40 years. Our IT services enable critical functions of government at national, regional, local and devolved levels. We work in partnership with the public sector, and provide technology and IT services that touch the lives of millions of citizens and government employees every day.

Local Government IT Solutions Local gonervanment

Fujitsu’s innovative technology enables citizen care to be rapidly delivered with greater efficiency. We have vast experience developing and implementing accessible and affordable IT solutions for local authorities working within tight budgets. We help local authorities to achieve their goal of easing pressure on over stretched resources, whilst at the same time increasing value for the community and improving service levels.

Transportation IT Services Enabling transport systems to thrive

For over 40 years Fujitsu has provided IT services that have transformed the transport industry on a global scale. We design, develop and implement innovative IT solutions that can overhaul IT systems, improve communications and digitally enable services.

IT solutions for the Energy and Utilities The power to adapt

Fujitsu has a proud record of achievement within energy and utilities. We provide digital IT services that have enabled organisations within the sector to create new opportunities, drive cost efficiencies and become more customer centric.

Fujitsu Manufacturing IT Solutions Fujitsu IT solutions for manufacturing

Within the manufacturing industry, constant technological innovation is required to keep up with ever increasing customer demands for new products, cost savings and quality improvements. Fujitsu has over 40 years of experience innovating and developing new technology that enables manufacturers to rapidly enter new markets, deliver on time and at a target price.

Fujitsu Healthcare Technology and Solutions Empowering better patient care

Fujitsu IT solutions equip healthcare professionals with the technology they need to integrate data and care pathways. We provide technology that focuses on efficiency, whilst also enhancing the patient care experience.

Telecoms IT Solutions Reliable ICT solutions to drive telcoms opportunities

Fujitsu IT solutions enable telecoms providers to remain ahead in a fast pace and competitive environment. Customer expectations within the sector are high. Our telecommunication technology allows costs to be streamlined, while at the same time enabling providers to meet customer demand for new and improved services.

Construction IT for the Built Environment The Built Environment

The built environment encompasses construction, engineering and facilities management, and is a high pressure and information intensive industry. Fujitsu IT solutions enable the efficient co-ordination of assets, real time data and the supply chain, all of which are critical to operational effectiveness, site management and profitability.

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