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Managed Network Solutions - WIFI

Managed Networks
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With Fujitsu’s Managed Wi-Fi Services there is no offline

Social and IT megatrends are coming together and merging to create a perfect disruptive storm for IT systems in general – and for your enterprise communication networks in particular.

Continuous mobilisation

The world is continuing to move to a more mobile and untethered communications environment, whether at work, home, or on the move. In 2013, tablets outsold both laptops and desktops, and smartphones outsold all three combined.

Thanks to a meticulous planning and collaborative working with Fujitsu's team, we were able to successfully deliver wireless internet over 210 stations in a very tight time frame and within budget, with an average of 800,00 user sessions per day in the first six months. Steve Townsend, CIO, Transport for London.

Managed Wi-Fi: taking the guesswork out of tomorrow’s Wi-Fi deployments

Our Managed Wi-Fi Service enables you to outsource the management of all your Wi-Fi needs to an expert trusted partner. We can advise on how to cope with BYOD, streamed video, the shift to mobile devices, and even the move to an all–wireless LAN.

You’ll always catch the latest technology waves at the right time, as we deploy the latest systems as they become available and proven. You needn’t worry about whether to deploy controller-based solutions or cloud management, and you can be sure your solution will work with software-defined networks when current switches and routers are augmented or replaced by virtual systems.

All of this is underpinned by our commitment to keeping your network and information secure. We can introduce and manage a range of network access control solutions – from simple to sophisticated, and from AAA to policy management.

Exceeding your expectations by:

  • surveying before and after deployment
  • monitoring coverage heat maps
  • collecting and reporting an appropriate set of KPIs
  • monitoring your radio network for intrusion and interference