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Secure Thinking

Discover new ways to prevent data loss
Secure Thinking
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Today's IT departments are emerging from a period of significant underinvestment to find that many of the technologies they relied upon in the past are no longer secure.

Is it official, secret, or top secret? The new HM Government security classification three-tier system. Find out more and get the PDF.


The explosion of Big Data, mobility and new international regulations means the impact of doing nothing is huge. With financial risk now comes reputational risk from data loss and theft. As threats increase from hacking to direct theft to malware - how can IT Directors ensure their organisations are protected and stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks?

At Fujitsu, we want to ensure organisations are better prepared by sharing insight and best practise into IT security from leading experts around the world.

Use this site to read about how to detect the latest forms of attack. Discover new ways to prevent data loss, such as state-of-the-art ciphers, encryption and ID access controls. Learn about the impact of Big Data and compliance on IT storage and security and share in the experiences of organisations like yours.

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