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Managed Desktop

Reduce costs, increase productivity

Fujitsu Managed Desktop takes care of your desktop environment. Our desktop services are designed to drive down cost, improve workforce productivity, and be flexible to meet changing business demands.

In the past standardising the desktop environment was viewed as a key way to deliver cost savings, organisations now need to contend with and support a diversity of:

  • Technology: PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • User expectations: workforces comprising of baby boomers, generation x and digital natives.
  • User roles: task workers, knowledge workers, mobile users, and office based executives.
  • Locations: flexible access to computing resources whether in the office, at home, on the move or at a WiFi hotspot.

Why choose Fujitsu?

Managed Desktop Services


  • Infrastructure consulting and integration
  • Desktop software support
  • Desktop hardware support
  • Standard operating environment management
  • Lifecycle management services
Managed Desktop Benefits Icon


  • Reduce desktop service costs by up to 30%. Used with desktop virtualisation and cloud services, can save as much as 40%
  • Predictable low cost, per user, per month – benchmarked externally
  • Ensure a consistent, high quality user experience
  • Optimise the service provided to meet different user roles and requirements
  • Support a growing array of end-user devices
  • Deliver continuous service improvements in tune with changing business needs
  • Ensure a seamless and consistent desktop service globally
  • Deliver a greener desktop service by lowering energy consumption and costs

The best fit for your business

We can help you define a managed desktop strategy using new delivery models, drawing on private, trusted and public cloud computing resources. The strategy will include new technologies, such as Windows 8.x, iPads, smartphones, and desktop virtualisation. This blended approach ensures a fit for purpose service that will evolve over time so it remains fully in tune with your business needs.

Fujitsu offers expertise in providing high levels of data security to protect your business assets. We carefully select technology solutions that minimise your environmental impact. The use of zero-watt PCs and monitors will reduce energy consumption and deliver cost savings.

We free you of the management burden, whilst significantly reducing costs and delivering a high quality service to your end-users. We typically save customers up to 30% of their desktop managed service costs. With the latest innovations around desktop as a service, this can rise to as much as 40%.

Our end-to-end solution covers every aspect of the desktop service lifecycle:

  • Procuring and managing thick and thin clients
  • Hosting applications
  • Virtual desktops
  • Service Desk and support services
  • Responsible disposal or redeployment of technology at end-of-life
Contact Fujitsu to find out how Managed Desktop can help your business