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Diversity and Inclusion

Fujitsu is fully committed to the development of a diverse workforce. Our diversity and inclusion activities are based on valuing everyone as a unique individual and celebrating their unique characteristics. We believe this kind of positive environment enhances the contribution our people can make to our business results, our customers and society more generally.

Applications for employment and promotion are always fully considered, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, faith, sexual orientation or marital, civil partnership or part-time status. We are also fully committed to making all reasonable adjustments to ensure that people with disabilities can compete for employment and have every opportunity to develop their careers with Fujitsu.

Not only do we believe that there is a moral and legal obligation on all employers to promote diversity, but we also recognise that there are clear benefits for doing so. Fujitsu is primarily a “People Company” and its success is built on the skills and knowledge of our people. Therefore we want to attract and retain the best talent regardless of individual differences.

We recognise the increasing demands for a better balance between work and life outside work. Our people policies and investment in management development are developing a culture that is supportive of the individual.

We work in partnership with a range of customers who employ a diverse cross-section of society. It is important to these customers that their workforce reflects the society in which they operate. We share this view and as their IT partner of choice, we believe it is important that we aspire to achieve this as well.

We take pride in the creativity of the solutions we develop for our customers. We believe that a diverse team has the potential to achieve a better understanding of the requirements of our customers and to develop the best solution.

Our commitment to diversity extends into the communities in which we operate. Through our Charitable Support and Community Relations policy we encourage all our employees to give something back to society.

Equal pay audit

In 2011 Fujitsu conducted an equal pay audit (as defined by the equality act) for members of the PCS collective bargaining group. The audit was initially intended for those employees who are represented by the PCS collective bargaining group, however to ensure more significant sample size we reviewed gender average salaries across Fujitsu UK for all 30 roles covered by the bargaining unit, indirectly representing around 50% of UK employees. The audit compared gender average salaries by role, using the ‘role code’ identifier. Whilst some variance in gender average salaries for certain role codes were identified, deeper analysis subsequently identified that this related to material differences in the work carried out, that were not related to gender. We were therefore able to conclude that the pay system delivers pay free from gender bias. To ensure the pay system continues to ensure equality, gender checks are carried out on the proposals for each pay review before agreement for implementation is given. In addition, we have also created a set of guidelines for carrying out equal pay audits in the future.

Diversity and Inclusion Targets

Management Target Progress Indicator Status Target FY13/14 Target FY14/15 Target FY15/16 Target FY16/17
People Managers understand the business benefits of Diversity and Inclusion. Line Management attendance at training course, currently at 30%. On Track 100%      
Employees confident of declaring they have a disability. % of employees declaring a disability at or above 10% by FY15/16 (FY 12/13 at 1.5%). On Track 3% 6% 8% 10%
Increase the proportion of women in senior roles. Applications from women for internal promotions reach the same proportion as women employed in the organisation by FY 16/17. On Track 50% proportion 70% proportion 85% proportion 100% proportion
Employees confident of declaring their sexual orientation. Proportion of employees preferring not to disclose their sexual orientation in anonymous census no more than 3% by FY15/16 (FY12/13 figure was at 12%). On Track 6%   3%

Employee Headcount by Age Range

a graph showing percentage of people working for Fujitsu in specific age ranges. please see tabular data below
Age Range Percentage(%) of employees
0-19 0.8%
20-29 11.8%
30-39 22.5%
40-49 33.2%
50-59 25%
60+ 6.1%

Employee Headcount by Gender

a graph showing percentage od male and female Fujitsu Employees. please see tabular data below
Gender Percentage(%) of employees
Male 76.6%
Female 22.7%