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CSR Policy

CSR at Fujitsu is practiced by implementing the Fujitsu Way. In all its business activities, by implementing the Fujitsu Way in light of the expectations and needs of multiple stakeholders, the Fujitsu Group contributes to the sustainable development of society and the planet. Our CSR initiatives focus on the five challenges below. In addressing these challenges, we demonstrate a commitment to responsible business operations as a global ICT company.

To Advance CSR Activities as an Integral Part of Business

Masami Fujita, Corporate SEVP & Representative Director Masami Fujita
Corporate SEVP & Representative Director


In December 2010, the Fujitsu Group established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and determined five priority issues around which it will focus its CSR practices.

Based on this CSR policy, the Group will focus on five priorities in a more forceful response to the multiple needs and expectations of stakeholders so as to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet, discharging its responsibilities as a truly global ICT company. In addressing the priority issues, Fujitsu will set short- and medium-term objectives and follow the PDCA cycle in making actual progress. This progress will be disclosed within and outside the company and shared while CSR activities are being made an integral part of management.

In setting priorities, the CSR Promotion Committee, which has representatives from all concerned departments of the Company, formed a basic strategy working group that considered the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and other internationally recognized CSR norms, identified global social problems, and held repeated discussions to decide those which Fujitsu should address as priorities. Two dialogue sessions were also held with stakeholders, in which they were represented by outside experts, deepening our understanding of their needs and expectations.

Five Priority Issues

Fujitsu will focus on the following five priority issues in implementing its CSR practices. By pursuing these issues, Fujitsu will promote responsible management as a global ICT company.

The five priority issues that the Fujitsu Group will focus on fall into three categories.

Addressing Society's Challenges through Corporate Activities

The Fujitsu Group will contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet by addressing a variety of society's challenges through its corporate activities.

  • Priority 1: Providing Opportunities and Security Through ICT
    Fujitsu will contribute to the creation of a society where ICT connects and supports the world's 7 billion people, providing them with security and opportunities to pursue their dreams.
  • Priority 2: Protecting the Global Environment
    Fujitsu will contribute to the resolution of global environmental challenges through ICT, while at the same time reducing the Fujitsu Group's own environmental footprint.

Strengthening the Foundation of CSR Activities

To contribute to the sustainable development of society, Fujitsu will strengthen the foundation of its CSR activities to foster an environment in which employees develop a global perspective and actively participate in the Company's CSR activities.

  • Priority 3: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
    Fujitsu will promote diversity in its human resources, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, disability, or values to enable individuals to grow with the company.
  • Priority 4: Developing Human Resources for Their Contribution to Society and the Planet
    Fujitsu will lead the way in cultivating employees who, from a global perspective, are pioneers in contributing to the advancement of society.

Communicating and Collaborating with Stakeholders

In order to promote the initiatives outlined above from multiple perspectives, Fujitsu will build relationships with a broad base of stakeholders, going beyond the boundaries of the Company's existing business.

  • Priority 5: Communicating and Collaborating with Stakeholders
    As a good corporate citizen, Fujitsu will pursue a thorough understanding of the multiple needs and expectations of its stakeholders and pursue business activities to meet these needs and expectations.
    Specific initiatives:

Contribution to Sustainable Development for Society and the Planet

Organization Promoting CSR

Company-wide Committees

Three committees have been set up and charged with promoting the uptake and firm establishment of the Fujitsu Way as the cornerstone of the Fujitsu Group's CSR activities. Reporting directly to the Management Council, they are the Fujitsu Way Promotion Council, Risk Management & Compliance Committee, and the Environmental Management Committee.

Company-wide Committees

CSR Promotion Committee

March 2013 meeting of the CSR Promotion Committee March 2013 meeting of the CSR Promotion Committee


The CSR Promotion Committee discusses matters such as establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) regarding CSR, distribution of information, examples of social contribution activities, and how to manage sustainable social business.

To promote CSR management across the entire Fujitsu Group, the CSR Promotion Committee, under the chairmanship of the vice president and representative director (for corporate affairs) and with administrative support from the CSR Promotion Department, began in FY 2012 to hold regular reviews of CSR activities at Board of Directors' and Management Council meetings.

Dissemination of the CSR Policy

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012 briefing / seminar Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012 briefing / seminar


As a means to disseminate our CSR Policy throughout the company, we set up a CSR portal site on our intranet in FY 2012. The site has allowed for the sharing of information about CSR workgroups and forums, and provides a guide to basic CSR terminology and an e-Learning course that teaches all Fujitsu employees about CSR-related Fujitsu initiatives and basic CSR terminology.

We also held briefings to discuss Sustainability Report, along with seminars with CSR experts, for some 6500 people throughout the Group, which included Fujitsu employees and directors, as well as executives at Group companies and other business sites in Japan. These opportunities enabled the sharing of Fujitsu initiatives and corporate ideals and received high praise on questionnaires.

Furthermore, we continue to bring a social perspective to evaluation of quality improvement initiatives.