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Fujitsu Limited President: Masami Yamamoto

Toward a Human Centric Intelligent Society. Fujitsu will contribute to the development of a sustainable earth and society, and to the construction of a safe and secure digital society, as the social responsibilities of an ICT company.

Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society

ICT has connected people across the globe and given rise to countless ideas and opportunities. Globalization, which has accelerated with the innovative application of ICT, has been instrumental in the global economy's threefold expansion over the past 20 years. Problems, however, remain. Climate change and natural disasters are growing in severity. Population growth is giving rise to concerns about possible shortages of food, water, and energy. And there are any number of other linked social problems that have come to light. These threats tell us that we, rather than pursuing profits at the expense of others, should work together toward sustainable, inclusive development.

Enhancing the Power of ICT

As a global ICT enterprise, the Fujitsu Group actively thinks about its social responsibility to use the power of ICT to contribute to the realization of a sustainable earth and society, and to maintain and strengthen the safety and security of digital society.

Through the expansion of the environments and circumstances in which it is used, and growth in its capabilities, ICT, now, more than a tool for making business more efficient and supporting social infrastructure, stands at the threshold of an era in which it will have enormous power to produce intelligence from massive volumes of data, and drive both change to a better society and improvements in human capabilities. The Fujitsu Group has put forth a medium-term vision of a "Human Centric Intelligent Society" in which the potential of everyone will be maximized through ICT, and society will develop along a sustainable path. Working together with others, we will use the power of ICT to create social innovation that will give rise to solutions in the fields of energy, transportation, food, health, the environment, and education.

The proliferation of ICT has led to the melding of daily life and digital society, and given rise to incalculable opportunities. At the same time, however, the rapid adoption of ICT has presented us with new issues.

Swiftly responding to the constantly rising number of cross-border cyber attacks, and the need to protect privacy, is the responsibility of all global ICT companies. The Fujitsu Group, working from a foundation of technologies it has developed through the operation of its own systems, is collaborating with various entities to address these problems.

The use and application of ICT, however, entails increases in the consumption of electricity and other forms of environmental burden, and these cannot be ignored. The Fujitsu Group, therefore, has formulated the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII) not just as a matter of its own environmental consciousness but also to cooperate with customers and society to use ICT to reduce greenhouse gases for society as a whole and advance environmentally conscious management in other ways, as well.

Toward the Joint Creation of New Innovations

The Fujitsu Group, based on its brand promise of "shaping tomorrow with you," is committed to the practice of management that emphasizes the joint creation of value with stakeholders. Fujitsu will continue to support the UN Global Compact's 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption, and, from FY 2012, has already embarked on the strengthening of its CSR management from perspectives like using the ISO26000 framework to confirm the status of Group company initiatives.

The Fujitsu Group, ever cognizant of the expectations and demands of stakeholders, will work to help realize a sustainable society and pass on to future generations a thriving global environment, as it works with others to create new innovations.