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Innovation Management

Fujitsu Group, believing in the infinite possibilities of technology, strongly engages in (rise top the challenge of) the development of advanced new technologies and continues to create new value through ICT innovation (Information and Communication technology).

Creating business and social innovation through ICT

As Fujitsu Group's fundamental policy, we pursue the creation of new value for our customers by contributing to the construction of a highly-secure and comfortable networked society, and the realization of the prosperous future people throughout the world dream of. Our mission is to create continuous innovation for the growth of our existing businesses and the development of new businesses, while promoting research and development of advanced ICT technologies in a multitude of fields, including next-generation solutions, services and systems, networks, various electronic devices and advanced materials. Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. undertakes the creation of innovation providing advanced research and development technologies to Fujitsu Group.

Fujitsu's basic approach to innovation management

Our vision - the Human Centric Intelligent Society - is a world where people and organizations are free to achieve their full potential and instinctively feel secure and in control, a world where knowledge is continually harnessed to drive new value and support sustainable growth.

To build this world, Fujitsu is pursuing three actions: 1) Create innovation through people's activities, 2) Power business and society with information, and 3) Optimize ICT systems from end to end. We also conduct R&D activities focused on cutting-edge technologies that support a common infrastructure.
Fujitsu is pursuing research and development in advanced technologies, aiming to contribute to the growth of our existing businesses in the short term, continuous innovation for new businesses in the medium term, and cultivation of new markets and businesses in the long term.


Initiatives for creating innovation

Fujitsu Laboratories, the center of research and development for the Fujitsu Group, executes research and development with investment from Fujitsu's business divisions and affiliates within the Fujitsu Group.
Fujitsu Laboratories and the Fujitsu Group have also established the Technology Strategy Task Force with select members. This task force undertakes the creation of innovation by discussing the path that the Group should take in the medium to long term and synchronizes the aims of research and business, while at the same time promoting vertical coordination of business divisions with research and development divisions, horizontal coordination of different business areas, and coordination at the Group-wide level.
In addition, Fujitsu Laboratories carries out research and development in its broader network by promoting open innovation though participation in joint projects with universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas, and in national projects as well.
To create innovation for new markets and businesses, Fujitsu Laboratories has established a dedicated department to promote research and development for enhancing cooperation among Fujitsu Laboratories and the Fujitsu Group, strategy formulation, and management of research project launches.

Research and development scheme