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With Our Customers

We adopt a customer-centric approach to our thinking and actions, and communicate proactively with our customers so that we can grow together as their partner.

To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Fast-changing social and economic environments make this a difficult time in which to see far ahead, so we place ourselves in the position of the customer and transform ourselves in order to better and more rapidly understand new requirements, and innovate to meet those needs as quickly and accurately as possible. We are aiming for management innovation by using the "Program to Improve the Quality of Management *1 ", and taking a number of initiatives to form an innovative corporate culture that can keep pace with customer changes.

*1 Program to Improve the Quality of Management:
A framework for customer-centric management excellence modeled on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of the United States, the de facto global standard for management innovation.

Promoting Field Innovation with the Customer

The Fujitsu Group initiated "Field Innovation" in 2007 to create a prosperous future along with our customers.

It is important to get back to the starting point, where ICT is seen as a tool to support people in their work and increase efficiency in their working places. Field Innovators, who are specialists in Field Innovation, concentrate on the customer's workplace to determine the true nature of the issues present by visualizing relationships between people, processes, and ICT. This increases the value of using ICT by making full use of actual insights from the workplace.

By making such management issues visible, Field Innovation leads to ongoing management innovation by customers in line with top management's intentions. We have already implemented Field Innovation programs at as many as 500 customers and also continue to use it ourselves within the Fujitsu Group.

Now, 350 Field Innovators work with customers to visualize the issues and build consensus at customer worksites to promote innovation. We continue to foster Field Innovators in a bid to strengthen the framework and concentrate their knowledge.

Fujitsu accumulates practical wisdom as the knowledge gained through Field Innovation, which it then uses to increase the quality of activities and provide further value using ICT.

Results of Field Innovation Activity (Including Fujitsu Group internal projects) (Units: Activity)
FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012
Results of Activity 129 294 331 336 522

Field Innovation

The Field Innovation Process

We insist on rendering all the facts visible

By selecting areas for improvement and innovation as fields, and by using the latest techniques (such as business fieldwork *2 ) and technologies (such as BPM-A *3 ), we are taking a proactive approach to making facts visible.

*2 Business fieldwork:
A site survey method in business based on ethnography, a social scientific research and analysis methodology for identifying and visualizing facts. In business, this method is used primarily for observation and innovation at customer sites.

*3 BPM-A (Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics):
A business process observation/analysis tool developed by Fujitsu that can help grasp bottlenecks and other operational process issues and facilitate process innovation.

Facts modify attitudes and actions

Issues only become clear when the basic facts are known, after which mindsets can be reformed. We aim to establish an agreement on mindset among people through facilitation *4 and workshops, and achieve reforms by taking advantage of people's knowledge. The changes in people's mindset and actions will affect the processes in which we utilize ICT. Our innovation methodology is threefold - in People, Processes and ICT - through which we advance reforms.

*4 Facilitation:
A set of techniques that is used to elicit fully satisfied consensus in a meeting by encouraging members to participate in the discussion and by controlling the flow of communication, even if the meeting deals with touchy subjects.

Ongoing innovation brings an innovative mindset to businesses and organizations

By continuing our innovation methodology in line with customers' top management intentions, we aim to establish powerful companies and organizations that will themselves continue to innovate. We also sponsor an "FI Community" to research the keys to promoting innovation by drawing together customers who have experienced Field Innovation for themselves.

Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square

Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square *5 was opened in Tokyo's Minato Ward in 2010 as a place for Fujitsu customers to actually experience our technologies, products, and services in the cloud computing age.

This facility provides permanent exhibits of the cutting-edge technologies, products, and solutions that make the dreams of mankind real, with everything from supercomputers to the latest smart devices on display. Visitors can take part in seminars and demonstrations centered on major themes in the ICT field such as cloud computing and big data, and ITC system verification. Through these activities, they can also experience for themselves the Fujitsu of today and the advanced technological capability that makes it all possible.

In FY 2012, we had about 11,000 visitors to the Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square, for a cumulative total to date of around 36,000 visitors.

*5 Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square: A facility usable by reservation by our corporate and institutional clients.

Left: Supercomputers Visitors can learn about the fields where supercomputers are used and experience the HPC solutions made possible by the

Operation of the Fujitsu Customer Relations Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line

We established the Fujitsu Customer Relations Center in 2003 to handle inquiries and other problems concerning products and services from customers who are not sure where to address their issues. Also, in order to respond quickly to customers concerning the functions and prices of products before they make their purchases, since 2005 we have been routing all such pre-purchase telephone inquiries to a single window, the Fujitsu Contact Line, with the telephone number for access published on our corporate website and in catalogs, press releases and advertisements.

The Fujitsu Customer Relations Center and the Contact Line act as a clearinghouse that links the customer to the best line of communication for answering their inquiries. They not only contribute to increasing customer satisfaction through their accelerated responses, but also extract customer feedback, which is reported to the departments responsible for development and quality improvements of the related products and services.

Note that when we receive opinions or when something is brought to our attention in the form of a complaint from the customer, the specific content of that feedback or complaint is reported as a special bulletin to our executives.

Fujitsu Customer Relations Center / Fujitsu Contact Line

Trends in Inquiries Addressed to the Customer Relations Center

PC Support Center for Individual Customers

To handle the diversifying needs and environments of our individual customers, we have put in place the "personal products support desk" to provide consultation concerning Fujitsu personal computers. Through this support desk, we are building a system for handling a wide range of questions on matters regarding the use, troubleshooting, and servicing of Fujitsu personal computers.

Examples of Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

  • Change to charging port position on our tablet

    For our "STYLISTIC" tablet, we received the following feedback from our customers: "Connecting the AC adapter to the tablet with it leaning against its special case makes the unit tip to one side. Is the unit not meant to be recharged when leaning up against its case?" and "If it were possible to use the tablet with it stood up against its case without using the charging cradle, it would be lighter to carry about. Could you therefore change the position of the charging port?"

    Consequently, we changed the layout for the tablet, putting the charging port on the left and right sides. This change will be introduced for the new Fall/Winter 2013 model.

Placing Importance on Connecting with Our Customers

Fujitsu Family Association

The Fujitsu Family Association was founded in 1964 for our corporate clients and allows members to exchange information and improve each other's skills. As of the end of FY 2012, it had 11 chapters and LS Research Committees *6 throughout Japan with some 3,500 members. It is the largest organization of users of information and communications systems in Japan.

The association's activities consist of branch and head office activities. Branch activities in FY 2012, which targeted things like promoting ICT management for an increasingly globalized world, conducting activities that capitalize on local characteristics, and standardizing the quality of member services, took the form of networking events among members as well as training and research activities. Head office activities included an overseas seminar in the US and the fall conference in Okinawa to commemorate 40th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. Some 1,000 members participated in the fall conference from around the country. The association also put out five issues this year of its Family magazine for members and the Web version, e-Family.

The LS Research Committee held research section meetings on 16 themes as part of its research activities on leading-edge management and ICT, and published a summary report. Furthermore, we held seminars and research meetings at 11 local chapters to provide problem solving and practical business support to local members.

The Family Association continued its support this year for recovery efforts in areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Association volunteers visited the affected areas in August 2012, followed by a discussion of what the association could do to help with recovery efforts. This discussion will be held again in FY 2013.

The Family Association has offered five points that will guide its activity policy in FY 2013, with the aim of making the user community a more appealing one than ever.

  1. Work as a community of users supporting ICT in Japan to promote activities that help with the further growth of association members
  2. Standardize member services through the promotion of activities that capitalize on local characteristics and enhanced coordination among branches
  3. Continue to provide support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
  4. Promote research activities and information sharing with respect to advanced ICT
  5. Strengthen mutual communication among members

*6 LS Research Committee:
This committee, originally formed as the "Large Systems Research Association" in 1978, was merged with the Fujitsu Family Association in 2007 with the renewed purpose of carrying out research on leading-edge technologies and concepts, and implementing effective ICT utilization that will contribute to members' growth.

Fujitsu Family Association

Directions in Advertising

In all advertising and publicity activities in the Fujitsu Group, we strive to observe all laws and corporate internal regulations and to only use fair and appropriate expressions and graphic symbols.

Main advertising and publicity activities

  • TV programming: Fujitsu sponsors "See the world by train" and "Fight! KAWASAKI Frontale (a Japanese soccer team)" for Japanese TV.
  • TV commercials/newspaper advertisements: In Japan, Fujitsu places advertisements for Fujitsu products in daily life. The themes of this series of press advertisements have included firefighting, farming, the Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System, the Subaru telescope, datacenters, and global themes (healthcare).
  • Event sponsor/co-sponsor: Fujitsu Ladies Golf Tournament, Izumo All Japan University Ekiden, Fujitsu Concert Series (classical), Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC), others

Marking and Labeling of Products and Services Regarding Quality and Safety

Fujitsu is dedicated to observing all laws and internal regulations related to marking and labeling of products and services regarding quality and safety.

While we did not experience any major legal violations during FY 2012, there was one instance where an internal inspection uncovered a violation of the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act that regulates product safety (the sale of a product without a PSE mark). The results of this inspection and a measure to prevent future violations were reported to the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the METI. The reason for the improper marking appeared to have involved human error, and more thorough checking of products before they are shipped was implemented as a measure to prevent recurrence. It has since been confirmed that proper marking is now being carried out.