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“Mobile first, cloud first” Windows 10 has arrived

How will your organisation benefit from Windows 10?

Windows 10 from Microsoft is a game-changer for competitive businesses like yours. Why? Because it’s designed from the ground up to support the way you want to work now and in the future. It enables secure mobile working in a world where the rapid growth of apps and devices, sensors and gadgets is providing organisations with countless ways to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Enterprises large and small will now have a single platform for all devices – desktops, mobiles, tablets, wearables and even embedded devices – and any application built on Windows 10 will work on all devices.

This is the move towards true, always-on enterprise mobility - the move to a seamless model of business, with an Evergreen OS which delivers continuous incremental improvements and upgrades.

Windows 10 brochure cover

Windows 10 is unlike any upgrade you’ve embarked on before – with built-in biometric security, Cortana, tight cloud integration and plenty of features your users will love, it can kick-start true transformation.

To find out more about how Fujitsu can help your business to make the most from Windows 10, download the brochure >> (1.56 MB ) 

The benefits of Windows 10 enterprise migration.

Why Windows 10?

Forrester show that on average IT departments spend 72 per cent of their budget supporting current systems. By choosing to upgrade to Windows 10, everyday ‘lights-on’ overheads can be substantially reduced. This frees up resource to cut complexity and time to market for innovative new offerings.

Windows 10 is delivered with built-in security features such as biometrics, Windows Hello, PINs and voice recognition. These native security features, allied with single-sign-on, settings that work across devices and remote device management tools, can significantly reduce the number of password

By migrating your current operating system to Windows 10 your business can gain significant benefits.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

  • Windows 10 Apps are compatible with all devices, including PC, laptop, tablet and phone
  • Multiple desktops can run on the same device running different workloads
  • Windows 10 will be the last major upgrade
  • Evergreen updates will replace major upgrades to minimise disruptive migrations
  • Encryption and enhanced boot checks provides greater control
  • It is highly secure due to improved authentication methods such as inbuilt biometrics

Why choose Fujitsu for your Windows 10 deployment?

For many organisations there are significant cost and resource implications to deploying and upgrading Windows, managing updates, growing types of devices, mobile IT and evolving security threats.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your business environment, Fujitsu can develop a solution for seamless integration. We can help you find the right balance of performance, cost, flexibility and security.

Our vast experience and expertise of implementing Fujitsu Workplace Anywhere, which is our end-to-end mobile workplace solution, means we understand the complexities associated with taking the ‘place’ out of ‘workplace'. We enable you to benefit from a workplace driven by business value.

We have the skills and experience to integrate complex solutions in a simple way, to make it easier for your business to migrate to Windows 10.

  • We have a proven track record in workplace transformation globally
  • We already support over 2 million desktops in Europe
  • We have been recognised by analysts as a Leader in delivering in End User Outsourcing Service
  • Our virtualisation solutions accelerate Windows 10
  • We’re one of only 5 global Systems Integration Microsoft Partners

As a key Microsoft global Systems Integration partner, Fujitsu is ideally placed to help you score a Perfect 10 with Windows 10. 

Case Study

Working with Toyota, Fujitsu created a unified Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for over 2000 devices. Deployment and roll out were carefully planned and managed to minimise disruption. The benefits to Toyota were cost reductions, improved end-user experience and increased levels of employee productivity – all with minimal disruption to the business.