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Where Function Meets Performance


  • Surface mount LED
  • 120° viewing angle
  • Small package outline (LxWxH) of 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.8 mm
  • Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering
  • The products are lead free, RoHS compliant
Snonymous with function and performance, the DomiLED series is perfectly suited for a variety of cross-industrial applications due to its small package outline, durability and superior brightness. Its versality and reliability make it preferred choice for automotive interior lighting specifically as instrumentation panel, central console and cabin backlighting. Besides, its effectively combining performance and innovation, make it perfect choice for full color display, office automation, and home applications. In addition, it is also ideal for key-pad illumination, camera phone flash LED and industrial equipment application.
DomiLED StandardStandard DomiLED White LED DomiLEDWhite LED DomiLED
Reverse Gullwing DomiLEDReverse Gullwing DomiLED White LED Reverse Gullwing DomiLEDWhite LED Reverse Gullwing DomiLED

Data Sheets

AlGaAs Technology

DomiLED AlGaAs DDH-GJS - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED AlGaAs DDH-GRS - Catalogue-v6

AlInGaP Technology

DomiLED AlInGaP DDP-SJS-NP2-1-I3 - Catalogue-v9
DomiLED AlInGaP DDx-LJB - Catalogue-v1
DomiLED AlInGaP DDx-PJS - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED AlInGaP DDx-xJS - Catalogue-v21
DomiLED AlInGaP DDx-xRS - Catalogue-V12

DomiLED AlInGaP DDx-xRS-I2 - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED AlInGaP DRx-MJS - Catalogue-v11
DomiLED AlInGaP DRx-NJB - Catalogue-v2
DomiLED AlInGaP DRx-NJS - Catalogue-v15
DomiLED AlInGaP DRx-NRS - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED AllnGaP DDx-xJS-I2 - Catalogue-v12
DomiLED AllnGaP DRH-MJS - Catalogue-v4

Colored Resin Technology

DomiLED AlInGaP DRx-NJE - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED Colored Resin DDx-xJE - Catalogue-v8
DomiLED Colored Resin DRx-RJE - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED InGaN Colored Resin DDx-DJE - Catalogue -v2

GaN Technology

DomiLED GaN DDx-JJx - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED GaN DDx-JJx-I1 - Catalogue-v7

GaP Technology

DomiLED GaP DDx-GJS - Catalogue-v7
DomiLED GaP DDx-GJS -I1 Catalogue-v6
DomiLED GaP DDx-GJS-I2 - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED Gap DDx-GRS - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED GaP DDx-GRS-I1 - Catalogue-v4

InGaN Technology

DomiLED InGaN DDT-TJS - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN DDx-CRS-I1 - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN DDx-DJx - Catalogue-v13
DomiLED InGaN DDx-DRx - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED InGaN DDx-DZJS - Catalogue-v11
DomiLED InGaN DDx-DZJS-I1 - Catalogue-v13
DomiLED InGaN DDx-DZRS - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN DDx-HJS - Catalogue-v7
DomiLED InGaN DDx-HRS - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN DDx-xJx - Catalogue-v22
DomiLED InGaN DDx-xRx - Catalogue-v7

Phosphor Conversion Technology

DomiLED GaN White DDW-JJx - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED GaN White DDx-JJx-I1 - Catalogue-v7
DomiLED InGaN DDZB-DJG-1-I1 - Catalogue-v2
DomiLED InGaN DDZB-CJG-3J8L-I1 - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN DDZB-DZJG-1 (5mA) - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN DDZB-LJG - Catalogue-v8
DomiLED InGaN Warm White DDF-LJG - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN Warm White DDF-MJG - Catalogue-v2
DomiLED InGaN Warm White DDF-WJG-2X4X-1 - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-CJG - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-CJG(5K8L) - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-CJG-I1 - Catalogue-v4
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-CRG - Catalogue-v3
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-DZJG-1 - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-DZJG-1-I1 - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-DZJG-F1F5-I1 – Catalogue-v1
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-EZJG-F1P5-I1 – Catalogue-v1
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-LJG - Catalogue-v9
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-LJG-F1P5 - Catalogue-v1
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-MJG - Catalogue-v6
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-NJG - Catalogue-v3
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-TJG - Catalogue-v2
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-UJG - Catalogue -v5
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-WJG-1 - Catalogue-v11
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-xJD (5K8L) - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-xJD - Catalogue-v7
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-xRx - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN White DDW-DRx - Catalogue-v5
DomiLED InGaN White High Brightness DDx-DJx - Catalogue-v6