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Fujitsu's approach to Green IT

Fujitsu's approach to Green IT

May 8, 2009

"Green IT" has become an essential ingredient in IT acquisition. As a result each storage vendor has instigated their own Green IT focus. Based on their specific expertise they are promoting a range of related activities in the development and delivery of new products.

Solid State Drives (SSD): The next generation in storage technology:

Fujitsu already provides an "Eco-mode" function, using MAID technology; that enables power consumption reductions by stopping disks from spinning during periods they are not accessed. Now Fujitsu has announced support of SSD. Both MAID based Eco-mode and SSD are important new technology concepts and are implemented in midrange disk storage systems (ETERNUS4000) and enterprise class disk storage systems (ETERNUS8000).

SSD uses semi-conductor (flash memory) as its memory device. As no mechanical parts are included power consumption can be dynamically reduced compared with traditional rotating disk drives where a motor needs to operate for long periods. SSD also has much higher access speeds and is therefore particularly effective with databases requiring many high-transaction read/write operations. SSD has therefore become attractive as technology to enable more precise segmentation of storage layering by deploying it as "Tier 0". ETERNUS4000 and ETERNUS8000 Disk storage systems use 146GB and 73GB SSD that can achieve approx. 16 times(*Note 1) higher performance and 40%(*Note 2) less power consumption compared to disk drives.

*Note 1: Fujitsu's comparison with 15,000rpm online disk drives when Read: Write = 3 : 1.
*Note 2: Fujitsu's comparison with 15,000rpm online disk drives when operating.

Storage virtualization technology: Thin Provisioning

Another technology with the ability to make a great contribution to Green IT, is Storage Virtualization. It has advantages in hardware cost reductions, operation management workload reductions and service level improvements by better leveraging storage use. The latest virtualization technology, "Thin Provisioning" is now supported with midrange disk storage systems (ETERNUS4000) and enterprise class disk storage systems (ETERNUS8000). Using "Thin Provisioning" technology, storage logical volumes can be virtualized and all physical disks simply allocated to virtualized logical volumes as they are needed. This allows users to start small, with a lower initial investment and only add disk drives when additional physical space is required. The result is much more efficient use of all available storage capacity and a much better return on investment.


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