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  5. ETERNUS6000 model 1100 Establishes New World's Record with SPC Benchmark-1™ (As of February 27, 2006)

ETERNUS6000 model 1100 Establishes New World's Record with SPC Benchmark-1™ (As of February 27, 2006)

February 27, 2006

Fujitsu performed the test based on the Benchmark-1™ defined by the Storage Performance Council (*Note 1). In this test, an ETERNUS6000 model 1100 recorded SPC-1 IOPS™ =108,745.34. This is the world's highest record for an enterprise-class, four-controller configuration.
The result of this test is available at the Storage Performance Council (SPC) web site (official approval is subject to a 60-day review period).

*Note 1: Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a nonprofit institute for evaluation of storage system performance, in which major storage vendors participate.
*Note 2: As of February 27, 2006

ETERNUS6000 model 1100 SPC-1 Benchmark Results.

- SPC-1 IOPS™: 108,745.34
- SPC-1 Price-Performance: $12.21 / SPC-1 IOPS™
- Total ASU Capacity: 11,377.366GB
- Data Protection Level: Mirroring
- Total TSC Price (including three-year maintenance): $1,327,787

*Note: The benchmark result above has applied for SPC-1 registration.
(SPC-1 Submission Identifier: A00045)

The Executive Summary and Full Disclosure Report about ETERNUS6000 model 1100 test configurations audited by SPC are available at SPC Benchmark 1™ Results.

For more information about Storage Performance Council, SPC and SPC Benchmark-1™, refer to frequently asked questions about Storage Performance Council (SPC).
SPC Benchmark-1 and SPC-1 IOPS™ are trademarks of Storage Performance Council.

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