Digital Skills Academy – Starting the Journey

Written by Isabel Nicholls on 3/3/2022

During 2021 I was in the middle of trying to start a career change and figuring out what I wanted to do. Being a recipient of Universal Credit, my work coach encouraged me to try a government funded boot camp that would give me some experience and education with the prospect of a job offer if I did well.

Life at Fujitsu

Digital Skills Academy – Starting the Journey

I signed up for a 12 week digital skills boot-camp with the New College of the Humanities. Part of the way through the course I was invited to attend a seminar with a representative from Fujitsu talking about their Digital and Technology Solutions apprenticeship.

I was really interested in this apprenticeship course and immediately applied for it, receiving the offer to join the apprenticeship in December just as my boot-camp was coming to an end.

This was a big opportunity for me and would come with quite lot of changes – relocation from London to Manchester, becoming a student for a third time four years after completing my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and a chance to understand how the corporate world works.

It was very nerve-wracking during the induction week as I had never been to Manchester before and was spending a lot of time on Google Maps making sure I knew where the office was and how to get there in time!

When I arrived on Monday and saw all the other apprentices I felt a little less nervous as I was meeting other people who were in a similar position to me.

It was a great few days at the office meeting the other apprentices and fellow colleagues. I had a lot of fun getting to know everyone involved in the apprenticeship and taking part in the group tasks and the seminars introduced me to key topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, HR, and charity partners.

This was interesting to listen to and it made me eager to learn how to get more involved with opportunities at Fujitsu.

I felt a little more prepared for the introduction to ServiceNow as I had done some learning on it already with the boot-camp. This meant that when it came to the university induction, I got to meet some of the New College staff again and also got a refresher on the university induction.

There was a great amount of support from both New College and Fujitsu. I am excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the next few years with Fujitsu will hold for me.

Isabel Nicholls

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Isabel Nicholls

Degree Apprentice at Fujitsu

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