Productive, Predictive and Personalised Healthcare

With patients at the heart of healthcare, time saving measures and driving efficiencies is critical. And tech is the answer.

Fujitsu are tackling the biggest challenges in the UK Healthcare market through co-creating world-class digital solutions to improve the experience for Patients, Citizens and Clinicians.

Capabilities and Solutions

Quantum-inspired Drug Discovery
Hybrid IT and Cloud Services
Digital Workplace
Co-creating Program
Robotics process automation


Using IoT sensors to remotely monitor patients 24/7 safely and securely

Fujitsu co-created with Slingeland Hospital to create smart health patches which monitor patients statuses 24/7, providing real time information on their condition. This is transforming healthcare in Slingeland Hospital. Improving treatments to patients and enhancing their overall experience.

Using AI to save the lives of
psychiatric patients

San Carlos Hospital halved the time required to diagnose patients, maximising productivity.

Connecting parents with their babies
via virtual visits

Canberra Hospital implemented a secure, user-friendly webcam solution that would allow authorized viewers to see their babies virtually via the Fujitsu cloud from anywhere.

Using AI to assist radiologists to detect and monitor brain aneurysms
Working with Macquarie University to leverage AI to detect and monitor brain aneurysms on scans faster and more efficiently.


Meet the Boss Webinar

No going back? Creating the business
case for resilience

 10th August 2020         Virtual Event

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Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening

People Power: authority and influence in a changing world

  22nd September 2020         Virtual Event

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Oscar Krane

Excellence in Healthcare

  25th – 26th November 2020        
 De Vere Selsdon Estate Hotel, South Croydon

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Vision: Citizen Z – The future of public services

With citizens demanding a seamless experience, especially in their most vulnerable moment of need, how can government make public services citizen-centric whilst protecting and sharing citizen data securely?

Fujitsu’s vision for the future of government services is to place citizens in control of their own data – This is Citizen Z.

Find out more about our vision of Citizen Z »

Meet our experts

Patrick Stephenson

Director of Innovation and Healthcare, Fujitsu

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Jamie Whysall

Head of UK Healthcare, Fujitsu

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Will Edge

Head of Public Sector and Healthcare Consulting, Fujitsu

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