Innovation in Education

As digital transformation leaders. Fujitsu empowers every individual to study anytime, anywhere and at their own pace using innovative technology solutions.

  • What if technology could help your students learn better?
  • Your teachers were happier and more productive?
  • Your educational establishment was more resilient?

Fujitsu Supporting Education

Operation Innovation

Operation Innovation was established in 2016 to make Fujitsu's technical expertise more accessible to the next generation of bright minds, and to co-create the next big technology innovation. We have had many successful years of delivering the education programme for 16-18-year-olds.

A project-based learning programme delivered by Fujitsu, who are on the cutting edge of technology innovation.

It's about sharing industry expertise, supporting students in their STEM and business development, and fostering innovation. We want to help bring your brilliant ideas to life and tackle a real-world challenge or demand.

Digital Champions

A Fujitsu education initiative that puts digital skills and understanding at the heart of learning across the college campus, providing industry linked work experience for students who wish to pursue a career in digital industries.

Students are appointed to champion the opportunities for technology to be embedded into study programmes under a formal partnership with Fujitsu. Working with Fujitsu and the College's IT teams to learn more about the latest digital technologies.

The Digital Champions will get first-hand experience of emerging and immersive technologies and can present back to the College on how they could harness and embrace those new technologies in supporting the College and its community of learners on their digital journey.

Ambassador Programme

The Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme links educational establishments with a common purpose. Sharing innovation for the benefit of educators and students, alike. Without this joint initiative, students may never learn the skills they need to thrive in the digital workplace.
There are currently 35 Education ambassadors across the UK. These innovation hubs put technology at the heart of education. Making technology in the learning environment accessible to all. Transforming futures together.

Buddy Connect

Fujitsu uses technology to make studying more enjoyable, not just more productive. Take our Buddy Connect app, for example. Originally designed to help people on the autistic spectrum cope with the world of work. It links new employees with a work buddy who can help them find their way around, literally and figuratively speaking. The app works just as well for all new students at schools, colleges and universities, helping people feel truly connected.

How to drive digitalisation in school?

In the Fujitsu Inspiring Teachers video series, we let educators (from all over Europe) have their say. What are their insights? How do they implement digitalization in schools? They report on their challenges, successes and the opportunities. Get inspired!

Purpose-driven partnerships

Enabling your people, your customers, and your entire business with the right technologies, applications, and systems is a collective endeavor. That's why we've built a global ecosystem of leading technology vendors and other organizations to help you leverage the power of digital to drive your purpose and build trust.
We connect the right services and financial technologies together to shape your unique ecosystem so it's aligned with your business objectives and capable of adapting to new needs as they develop.

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Meet the Team

Ash Merchant
Education & Healthcare Director for Fujitsu UK & I

Matthew Marsh
Education Sales Specialist
Southeast and Southwest

Iulia Gibson-Sutru
Education Sales Specialist
Midlands and South

Raj Lama
Education Sales Specialist
North and Midlands

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