Digital Skills Academy – Goals and Aspirations

Written by Halima Dakri on 3/3/2022

I left Sixth Form the previous year with no idea of my career goals and aspirations. I had achieved good grades and didn’t want them to go to ‘waste’ by not studying further.

Life at Fujitsu

Digital Skills Academy – Goals and Aspirations

The issue was that I did not want to go through another four years or more just studying, not gaining any valuable workplace experience and not developing key skills all for a degree I wasn’t even sure I wanted! I decided to take some time out to research into degree apprenticeships so I could work and study at the same time.

Once I broadened my spectrum into different industries I came across Fujitsu. As I did not come from a technology background, I was hesitant to apply for a role that would revolve around this. I worked through each stage of the application before reaching the interview and that was when I realised what a great company Fujitsu is.

The managers were sure to make everyone feel comfortable and understand the job role. This was the only apprenticeship I applied for where I felt entirely comfortable during the interview process! As the day progressed, I became more intrigued about the job role and degree and more attracted to the company’s great values and culture. I am now studying to attain a Digital and Technology Solutions degree whilst working at Fujitsu where I get to practice what I learn.

The team at Fujitsu have been supportive and ensured I understood everything which has made me feel calm about starting a new job with lots of new people. Since starting work at the company, I have spent time learning in more depth the type of business this is and simultaneously almost completed the first module in the Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and look forward to what the future will bring. Contrary to how my journey into the world after sixth form began, I now have career goals and aspirations and am excited to work on various projects as I continue to grow and develop in Fujitsu.

Halima Dakri

Written by

Halima Dakri

Assistant Application Developer at Fujitsu

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