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SNMP-Subagent SM2 (BS2000)

Offers functionality and management applications to display performance monitoring information

Current version: V5.0

For customers wanting to integrate BS2000 performance management with the software monitor openSM2 with an SNMP management station, Fujitsu offers the product SNMP-Subagent SM2 (BS2000). The short name is SSA-SM2-BS2. Using this product, the SNMP-Standard-Collection in BS2000 (and the basic functionality performance subagent it contains) is enhanced by a further subagent which offers considerably more functionality and a management application to display the information for monitoring the performance values in BS2000. This management application PMBS2 improves handling and graphically displays the performance values from all BS2000 systems in the network.

In combination with the SNMP-Basic-Agent, the SNMP-Subagent for SM2 in BS2000 serves to connect BS2000 systems directly to a central management system for heterogeneous networks on the basis of the de facto protocol standard SNMP. It enables customers with large multi-vendor networks comprising heterogeneous systems to use SNMP for monitoring and control of the BS2000 systems in the network from a central management platform (control center). In combination with the basic product SNMP-Basic-Agent BS2000 and the other subagents, it provides comprehensive management functions, from traditional network management through system and application management to the management of middleware.