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SNMP-Standard-Collection (BS2000)

Used with the corresponding SNMP subagents for control and management of various systems (i.e. job scheduling, storage…)

Current version: V6.0

For customers wanting to use SNMP and/or HTTP to manage BS2000 subsystems and for resource management, Fujitsu offers the SNMP-Standard-Collection BS2000. The short name is SSC-BS2. The corresponding SNMP subagents are available with this product for control and management of job scheduling, file transfer, spool systems, storage systems, monitoring system, database system and cluster system software, and for the output of selected BS2000 performance and resource values.

The SNMP-Standard-Collection in BS2000 together with the SNMP-Basic-Agent serves to connect BS2000 subsystems directly to a central management system for heterogeneous networks on the basis of the standard management protocol SNMP. This enables customers with large multi-vendor networks comprising heterogeneous systems to use SNMP for monitoring and control of the BS2000 systems in the network from a central management platform (control center).

In the sixth level the SNMP Standard Collection (Version 6.0) provides subagents for the management of the products AVAS, openFT (BS2000), Spool and RSO, the storage systems HSMS, MAREN and ROBAR, the OMNIS monitoring system, the SESAM/SQL database system and the computer cluster software HIPLEX, as well as for the output of performance and resource data (host-resources) relating to the BS2000 system.