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Software for management stations

SNMP is a standardized protocol for transfer of management-commands and -information. A SNMP agent therefore does not require any special type of a management platform. It can be attached to each SNMP-capable platform. That also applies to the SNMP agents of the BS2000 and the HNC. Thus BS2000 systems can be integrated into the extensive facilities of the information and alarm management of modern management stations.

Following management applications are available for communicating with specific subagents:

  • CMBS2 for the Console Monitor subagent
  • PMBS2 for the Performance Monitor subagent
  • BMBS2 for the MIB-II subagent and the BCAM subagent
  • CluMon for the HIPLEX subagent (Cluster Monitor)

They can be integrated into the user interfaces of management platforms but can also be executed as "stand-alone" applications.

The applications for the Console and Application Monitor (CMBS2), the Performance Monitor (PMBS2), the BCAM Monitor (BMBS2) and the Cluster Monitor (CluMon) can only be used if the product, that contains the corresponding subagent, was licensed.