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BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0

BS2000 OSD/BC is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions.At the same time,with its open interfaces BS2000 OSD/BC offers future-proof integration into modern application architectures. Theserver scalability from 12 RPF to 5.000 RPFenables tailor-made configurations with high growth potential.

Efficiency, Innovation, Openness and Continuity are the main BS2000/OSD development goals. In BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0 emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • Extended storage integration
  • Performance enhancement by optimizing data backup to fast tape devices (LTO) 
  • Functions for simpler and more effective BS2000 operation
  • Extensions for enhanced openness and integration ability
  • Support of functionality of SQ200 successor
  • Functional enhancements as preparation for future SQ server generations

For SQ servers, the x86 architecture ported BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0 variant is available as a part of the OSD Extended Configuration Package OSD/XC V9.0.

Features Benefits
Extended storage integration
  • BS2000 files on NAS storage
  • Integration of Fujitsu ETERNUS DX clone and snap functions based on SHC-OSD
  • Additional storage for performance-uncritical data and access to common used data at the original by inhomogeneous applications
  • Further storage system Fujitsu ETERNUS DX including replication function available from BS2000
Scalability / Performance
  • High-performance support of the SQ servers with higher Multi Processor level
  • Extension and simplification of PAV functionality
  • Optimized performance on SQ servers
  • Greater flexibility and optimization of disk I/O
Manageability / Ease of use
  • Adaptation of the SHOW and MODIFY commands and new EDIT commands
  • Extended mail interface in BS2000/OSD
  • Simplified finding of appropriate commands; Pre-allocation of operand values relieves the input of commands
  • Emails from within system processes also for library elements and PDF files
Automation / Dynamization
  • Online SNAP file configuration
  • Online update of the change dates for summer and winter time
  • Activation/deactivation of snapshot process in the ongoing session
  • Modification of change dates without interrupt operations
Openness and Integration
  • New POSIX version including NFS connection of the BS2000 file system
  • Simplified access to BS2000 file from open systems
Business Servers and Peripherals - Innovations
  • Support of future SQ server generation
  • LTO-5 magnetic tape devices and LTO-5 drive encryption (in connection with MAREN V12.0) for S and SQ servers
  • Support of defined scenarios for High Availability and Live Migration
  • Most recent tape technology is available with BS2000/OSD

In addition to the basic configuration, the operating system BS2000 contains further components: