Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2020 download

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book, responding international information disclosure requirements and latest domestic regulations, describes in detail about the basic stance, framework, policies, organization and internal/external activities in Fujitsu Group.
* As shown in Fig. "Active Participation of Female Employees - Targets and Progress(Fujitsu)" on page 5-1-2-2, the ratio of female executives and manegers at the end of FY2016 was 5.2%, not 5.0%. We apologize for that.

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2020 download

Download by section

Table of ContentsDownload(25.0 KB/A4, 1 page)
Message from the PresidentDownload(76.5 KB/A4, 1 page)
Fujitsu WayDownload(179 KB /A4, 3 pages)
Sustainability ManagementDownload(429 KB /A4, 12 pages)
Global Responsible BusinessHuman Rights, Diversity and InclusionDownload(566 KB /A4, 14 pages)
WellbeingDownload(761 KB /A4, 19 pages)
Environment Download(3.07 MB /A4, 73 pages)
ComplianceDownload(142 KB/A4, 5 pages)
Supply ChainDownload(186 KB/A4, 7 pages)
Health and SafetyDownload(232 KB/A4, 5 pages)
CommunityDownload(562 KB /A4, 9 pages)
GovernanceDownload(0.98 MB /A4, 21 pages)
Data and DocumentsDownload(235 KB /A4, 7 pages)
Fujitsu Group ProfileDownload(94.0 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Financial & Non-financial HighlightsDownload(144 KB/A4, 1 page)
Sustainability Data Book FrameworkDownload(161 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Independent Assurance ReportDownload(769 KB /A4, 1 page)
GRI Standards / UNGC principles Comparison TableDownload(220 KB/A4, 12 pages)

The contents of this data book are also available on the following website.

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