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Universal Design

Fujitsu’s UD Declaration

Fujitsu is striving towards universal designs of products and services aimed at realizing a society that can be safe, comfortable, and rich in life, in which everyone can actively utilize their individuality.

1. The Role of Fujitsu

Aiming to realize a sustainable world Development goals stipulated by the United Nations SDGs(*1)are common recognition and common issues of the world. One of the background of this SDGs is the idea of diversity & inclusion. Fujitsu will contribute to the realization of this sustainable and diverse rich society through the provision of products and services that everyone can use, and also provide the technologies and the ICT that support them.

  • (*1)
    International target from 2016 to 2030 which listed in "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.

2. UD Initiatives

Fujitsu develop products and services depend on carefully consider each individual's needs and various circumstances surrounding people. We will realize that using the following five perspectives.

  • 1. Aiding the five senses

    We aid the five senses and offer diverse usage methods, so that differences in senses such as vision and hearing do not restrict the use of products and services.

  • 2. Reducing physical stress

    We design dimensions, layouts, and operation methods to allow low-strain usage for all, regardless of physical abilities such as stature, strength, mobility, posture, and wheelchair use.

  • 3. Caring about experience and culture

    We present information using expressions that can be clearly understood by users of diverse personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.

  • 4. Ensuring availability

    We consider time and place, weather, the individual user, surrounding conditions, and other aspects, and adapt to changing conditions.

  • 5. Maximizing usability

    We pursue greater usability, to raise levels of safety, sense of security, effectiveness, sufficiency, and satisfaction.

Initiatives to Date

1. UD-Conscious Products and Services

We will expand opportunities for people to participate in society through the design and provision of ICT services that more people can take advantage of. Further, we will realize a society in which anyone can convey information reliably through their own devices and live in safety and reassurance.

2. Infrastructure to Support UD in Services and Products

So that more people can use ICT on a daily basis and achieve their individual objectives, we pursue greater ease of basic use, the provision of heightened yet convenient security, and the provision of ICT that feels more familiar. We provide guidelines for development, technology, development tools, and products that form the infrastructure for UD responses.

3. R&D and Demonstration Trials for UD

We are pursuing ongoing research and development and demonstration trials with the aim of the further evolution of UD. Through these activities, we obtain new knowledge, which leads to the improvement of existing services and products and the development of new services. These pursuits are human centered and focused on the actual site of use. They include the opinions of the people involved and verification in the actual sites where products and services will be used.

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