Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Login - password-free login easily secured

Password-free is also safe

We encounter passwords in many areas of daily life. Many people often use identical or similar passwords or write them down. But there is a simpler and, above all, more secure way!

PalmSecure™ ID Login offers you the possibility to log in securely and at the same time very uncomplicated at IT devices. Simple login by using the palm of your hand instead of outdated and insecure passwords!

Login with a wave of your hand

The ID Login solutions are based on Fujitsu's biometric authentication technology PalmSecure™. PalmSecure™ recognizes the complex and unique hand vein structure of a human being, which does not change in the course of life. The hand vein technology of PalmSecure™ can be used by almost everyone and offers not only a secure but above all simple protection.

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