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What is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid has great potential as a next-generation power distribution network. It is about to be formally introduced in Japan and other countries. In a global shift toward low carbon societies, and as a new growth strategy to recover from the economic slowdown, there are now great expectations for Smart Grid (a next-generation power distribution network) around the world.

Overall picture of Smart Grid developed by Fujitsu

Fujitsu sees Smart Grid as a new infrastructure for supplying power that will leverage ICT technology to improve the reliability of power supplies, promote the mass introduction of renewable energy and optimize energy use by consumers.

Based on a power supply network which is responsible for supplying power, and a communication network which supervises and controls the facilities that constitute the power supply network, ICT technology will allow power consumers to upgrade their energy management across power generations. This will enable high-quality power to be supplied in a highly efficient manner and thus promote a rich, safe and low carbon society.

Smart Grid developed by Fujitsu

Advantages of Fujitsu's Smart Grid

Fujitsu's Smart Grid approach has two advantages. One is the advanced ad-hoc network technology that can autonomously configure large-scale networks. The other is the system to offer new added values by utilizing the information acquired through efficiently managing a large amount of data and linking it in an advanced way to different systems. Fujitsu's ad-hoc network is the optimal technology for resolving issues regarding the linkage of information with power consumers, which has been a large obstacle to introducing Smart Meter. Fujitsu can provide AMI Solution by combining this technology with a system to efficiently collect and manage a large amount of data. This then allows information to be acquired and provided with additional values. AMI Solution enables energy to be used in the optimal way by efficiently gathering detailed information in regional or community units. This is then used to make careful demand and supply adjustments by leveraging ICT technology.

Advantages of Fujitsu's Smart Grid

Fujitsu's ICT Solution to support Smart Grid

Fujitsu provides effective solutions to help your business innovation.

AMI Solution