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FUJITSU Server BS2000 S210

Mainframe technology in modern data centers

The S210 model family is a server series in the BS2000 high-end performance range with high system performance levels. Greater system performance compared with the predecessor system, extended configuration options, top-level availability and - last but not least- clearly reduced power consumption are the main features of an S210. They are ideal for server consolidation and for implementing service-oriented architectures (SOA) while integrating proven commercial applications.

Efficient and economic IT

Consolidation in the world of IT means that the IT infra-structure is simplified and thus becomes more transparent, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership. Availability is improved and the infrastructure becomes more efficient on a long-term basis (investment protection). Due to its hardware features and excellent service quality the S210 Business Servers are particularly suited for consolidating distributed systems.

High-availability and scaling as required

The enormous performance bandwidth of 990 to 5,000 RPF is implemented with ten models that have 2 to 15 processors. A substitute CPU is available for constantly high levels of availability as is Capacity on Demand, a flexible and economic solution to cover temporary workload peaks. Fibre Channel connections enable the use of state-of-the-art communication networks and storage concepts, such as Storage Area Networks (SAN). The Business Servers S210 are supported as of operating system BS2000/OSD-BC 7.0. 

The use of state-of-the-art highly integrated multicore processors has helped to reduce power consumption by up to 20% compared to their predecessors. Volatile organic connections have been completely removed from the housing paintwork so that the new models are particularly environmentally friendly.

Features Benefits
  • Processor chip with Quad-Core technology
  • Performance: 990 RPF to 5000 RPF with10 models
  • High mono-processor performance of 520 RPF
  • High overall productivity due to excellent mono / system performance
  • Maximum performance for all applications
  • Individual scaling and optimal performance
  • Up to 8 I/O processors, up to 256 channels, main memory up to 256 GB
  • Global storage up to 2x 128 GB
  • Upgradeable to more powerful models
  • High system throughput due to parallel operations
  • Accelerated applications and improved failsafe behaviour
  • Flexible extension options
  • Reliable administration, integration and automation technology
  • Proven sophisticated mainframe technology
  • Increase productivity and reduce TCO
  • Long-term investment protection
  • Outstanding fail-safety and excellent security concepts
  • 20% lower energy costs due to state-of-the-art technology
  • Efficient use of resources and utilization - almost 100%
  • Lower energy and air-conditioning requirements
  • Reducing environment pollution to a minimum
  • High energy efficiency levels and low space requirements yet at the same time maximum number of users and fluctuating workloads
  • High component reliability and integrated redundancy
  • Use several S210 servers as HIPLEX cluster
  • High-level reliability and availability for applications
  • High and constant service levels with low administration effort
  • Hot-spare processor with dynamic activation
  • No interrupt, no loss in performance
  • Capacity on Demand for temporary processor activation
  • Flexible modification of existing performance to meet the requirements of customer applications
  • VM2000 virtualization concept
  • Flexible use of resources for production, test and development

Global storage for BS2000 servers

  • A global memory is extremely powerful, highly fail-safe and suitable for different applications.
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