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  7. Fujitsu Helps SMEs Cope with Continual Data Growth without Compromizing on Performance and Speed

Fujitsu Helps SMEs Cope with Continual Data Growth without Compromizing on Performance and Speed

Copenhagen, March 20, 2015

News facts:

  • New FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS JX40 S2 subsystem engineered for highest performance and speed is the perfect choice for SMEs and branch offices
  • New FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2560 M1 and TX2560 M1 systems deliver maximum performance, best expandability and highest availability in both rack-mounted and tower form factor
  • Great on their own, but perfect together for applications needing lots of storage
Fujitsu today announces a new high-performing and fast storage subsystem to help businesses – especially SMEs and branch offices – optimize their ICT systems from end-to-end. Attaching directly to the server, the new FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS JX40 S2 is an ideal extension to any server. Fujitsu also announces the brand new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2560 M1 and TX2560 M1 which identically deliver maximum performance, best expandability and highest availability in a choice of rack-mounted (RX) or tower (TX) form factor.

Data volumes continue to expand, and capacity requirements often exceed the internal storage capacity servers can offer. As a result, many businesses need an easy and effective storage capacity extension, but this can slow down speed and performance. In contrast, the ETERNUS JX40 S2 extends capacity by up to 173 Terabytes with up to four enclosures meaning an extension of the already huge storage capacity of the TX/RX2560 M1 by a factor of three. Performance and speed are assured by fast 12 Gbit/s SAS interfaces, up to 96 SAS 2.5 inch hard disk drives or solid-state disk drives (SSDs). Also offering basic data protection with built-in resilience, the ETERNUS JX40 S2 is the perfect complement to FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Systems.

With PRIMERGY RX/TX2560 M1, businesses value the performance of up to two Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 family processors in combination with a maximum of 1536 GB DDR4 memory. Up to 10 expansion slots and up to 32 2.5-inch hard disks enable excellent scalability. Thanks to redundant power supply and fans, as well as a range of different RAID controllers, both the tower and rack-mounted server ensure top availability levels and ‘peace of mind’. This makes these server systems ideal for computing-intensive applications, such as storage virtualization and backup-to-disk, but also for Microsoft Exchange environments. Furthermore, the comprehensive FUJITSU ServerView Suite provides integrated support for administrators during server and storage installation, deployment and administration.

Hans-Dieter Wysuwa, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Product Business, Fujitsu said: “Enabling end-to-end infrastructure optimization, the tightly-aligned and co-engineered PRIMERGY server and ETERNUS JX storage subsystems are perfect for applications needing lots of storage, while significantly increasing performance compared to the previous generation. Optimized for computationally-intensive applications, the PRIMERGY TX/RX2560 M1 is the ideal and flexible choice for use cases including server and storage virtualization, such as Hadoop clusters, or as a centralized single file server. For those with a limited overall budget or lacking administrative experience, or for datacenter farms managing massive amounts of data, the ETERNUS JX storage subsystems allow a relatively low investment cost and easy handling.”

Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems provide the most powerful foundation for flexible data center solutions and Integrated Systems such as FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX. Thanks to their performance and agility, these systems not only help to improve productivity, but offer unprecedetend reliability to keep businesses running, while shrinking costs and boosting efficiency without compromise. This combination is a winning team – all from a single source.

Pricing and availability

The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS JX40 S2 and FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2560 M1 and TX2560 M1 are now globally orderable and will be generally available from April 2015 via Fujitsu direct sales and distribution partners.

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Date: 20 March, 2015
City: Copenhagen