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Compliance and regulation in the energy and utilities sector

Joined-up companies are nimbler
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Compliance & Regulation
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Keeping your processes joined up is a challenge at any time. But the next wave of regulatory change could well wash away less robust systems.

Universal take-up of smart metering and the potential for retail separation are just two forces which could overpower some organisations.

Now is the time to evolve a more resilient and adaptable business based on improved technologies. And the good news is that modern, scalable and cost-effective solutions are now available as-a-service, meaning you don't have to make large capital expenditure investments.

Secure cloud-based platforms

Fujitsu provides secure cloud-based platforms for applications, infrastructure and process management which enable you to respond to change much faster and get ahead of the competition.

We provide the power, security and service you need to mobilise the enterprise, build robust and adaptable end-to-end processes that work across the value chain, and get maximum value from technology.