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Asset management in the energy & utilities sector

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Your asset and engineering base is large, complex, costly and vital.

The energy and utilities sector has invented many of the methods used to manage this base, but changes in technology and the market are putting strain on traditional approaches.

Changing customer expectations, the spread of smart metering and smart distribution are all forcing the industry to act more dynamically. Schedule-based maintenance must give way to a more data-driven approach so that the asset and engineering base responds to needs as they emerge.

Fujitsu has broad and deep experience, not just in IT infrastructure and data processing, but also in networks and security. We can help you migrate to a more information-rich, adaptive and conditions-based style of asset management. We enable you to provide better service while maximising the value of your investments.

We are leaders in technologies such as;

  • wearable IT
  • augmented reality
  • the Internet of Things

These are all excellent solutions across distributed environments in which your people and plant work.