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Veterans, Reservists and Service Leaver Recruitment

Fujitsu as an employer of choice view vacancies

Fujitsu - Helping veterans to transition from the military to the commercial sector

Fujitsu has a long-standing affiliation with the British Armed Forces that spans decades. Our extensive experience working within Defence and National Security, has enabled us to recognise the significant contribution that veterans and reserve personnel bring to the commercial sector.
For many years, we have helped Service Leavers to transition from military to civilian life, and have provided the opportunity for veterans to develop rewarding careers within our organisation. Our role in helping ex-military personnel to work within the commercial sector, is recognised by the UK MOD. We are exceptionally proud to say that we are Gold Award winners in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS), which was created to encourage UK employers to support Defence and inspire other businesses to do the same.

Quote from Tim Gibson, Vice-President, Fujitsu Defence and National Security

Defence IT career opportunities

Recruitment of service leaders

Service Leavers are exactly the type of talented people that we at Fujitsu need to join our organisation. We want to help ex-military personnel develop their careers, and build upon the knowledge they have gained from their time spent serving in the Armed Forces.

Military experience of ICT makes Service Leavers a great match for Fujitsu, and we are currently recruiting for Defence business roles in areas such as; Desktop Support, Project/Programme Management, Integration, Architecture and Testing. All our positions require either DV or SC (role dependent).

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Working closely with Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and CTP Assist, we;

  • widely promote our vacancies to the Service leaver community
  • facilitate a recruitment process that recognises Armed Forces skills and qualifications
  • create a strong pipeline of opportunity and talent that benefits both veterans and our organisation
We have formally introduced a wide number of policies to better support veterans and their families, including the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Scheme (ELCAS). The scheme is designed to assist service personnel with training that will enhance their current or future career prospects. Eligible employees are entitled to a number of benefits, including being able to obtain leave for one ELC claim per academic year for up to three consecutive years.

Meet our Veterans:

Veteran Profile: Rob LosebyVeteran Profile: Helen TilsleyVeteran Profile: Lee DaveyVeteran Profile: Tina Clapp Matthew West

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At Fujitsu, we recognise how valuable and integral reservists are to both the UK Armed Forces and our organisation. We have therefore developed a comprehensive policy to provide commitment and support for employees who are volunteer or regular reserves, our support also extends to their spouses and family. We provide a flexible environment where reservists are given leave to attend training events and be mobilised for reservist duties as required.

Read Hannah’s story; Customer Solution Architect and RAF reservist here.

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Visit our Fujitsu/CTP partnering page to find out more, and see where your skills and experience could take you.
You can also contact Defence Recruitment directly here.
Want to find out how Fujitsu can help you? Call us on +44(0) 1235 797711 or email