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Where does your enterprise stand on mobile security?
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Mobile technologies will radically change the way we work for the better. Combined with the power of cloud computing, our capacity to work from anywhere at anytime offers massive productivity gains.

Research from Forrester shows that almost half of the global information workforce uses smartphones today and 905 million tablets will be in people’s hands by 20171.

However, new ways of working demand new ways of securing the organisation against additional threats.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). Bring Your Own Service (BYOS). Whether the organisation chooses one or a combination of all these approaches to mobile devices, what is more important is mobile security.

Those organisations that ignore mobility will be left behind. Those that ignore the security threats may no longer be in the race.

Where does your enterprise stand on mobile security?

Watch the video if you are considering thinking about a mobility solution for your organisation.

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1Forrester Research, “2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends”