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ETERNUS SF - Flexible Data Management

Eternus SFThe ETERNUS SF storage management software is the uniform management solution for the entire ETERNUS DX series. All essential operations for storage resource management, monitoring, reporting, tiered storage, performance management, disaster resilience and business continuity are integrated. The uniform management for the entire storage infrastructure covers all ETERNUS DX disk storage systems from entry-level through the high-end as well as virtualized server infrastructures.

ETERNUS SF at a glance:

  • Management of all infrastructure devices based on a unified view
  • Visualization of the relations between storage, network and physical servers or virtual servers
  • Early detection and elimination of performance issues through performance monitoring
  • Reduced initial system infrastructure through thin provisioning
  • Fault management with support for fault resolution
  • Hardware investment optimization through automated storage tiering
  • Reduced storage system power consumption
  • Central management for local and remote replication
  • Enhanced business continuity with transparent failover
  • Automated Quality-of-Service management