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Fujitsu Deployment Service for SAP HANA®

Transform data into real business value – with SAP HANA and Fujitsu

This fixed-price service provides a fully integrated deployment of an SAP HANA® infrastructure. A perfect working environment can be handed over within just a few steps. Consequently, customers require just a small amount of support time. Fujitsu consultants deliver a robust, high quality installation and seamless implementation, accelerating time-to-productivity and further providing the foundation for enhanced operational stability and performance. This enables IT staff to focus on what is most important to their business, and realize a rapid return on investment for this solution.

Customer’s benefits

The Fujitsu Deployment Service for SAP HANA provides an efficient and reliable introduction of SAP HANA into the existing infrastructure landscape and…
  • Rapidly delivers a complete, optimized, ready-to-run SAP HANA solution
  • With a competitive fixed price, eliminating the risk of unforeseen project implementation costs,
  • Utilizing a proven pre-installed and pre-tested hardware configuration,
  • Customized to customer-specific requirements to ensure maximum alignment to the business needs.