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The NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 and K20X companion processor is built for GPU computing. It features up to 2688 application-acceleration cores per board, dramatically increasing performance compared to a traditional workstation. By adding a Tesla companion processor, engineers, designers, and content creation professionals can add over one Teraflop of computing potential to their workstation.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
K20 = 2496 Cores; K20X=2688 CoresTesla K20 delivers up to 3.52 / 1.17 teraflops, the Tesla K20X delivers up to 3.95 / 1.31 teraflops of singel / double-precision peak performance
ECC MemoryMeets a critical requirement for computing accuracy and reliability in datacenters and supercomputing centers. Offers protection of data in memory to enhance data integrity and reliability for applications. Register files, L1/L2 caches, shared memory, and external DRAM all are ECC protected.
up to 5 GB / 6 GB of GDDR5 MEMORY per GPUMaximizes performance and reduces data transfers by keeping larger data sets in local memory that is attached directly to the GPU.
NVIDIA Gigathread EngineMaximizes the throughput by faster context switching that is 10X faster than previous architecture, concurent kernel exectuion and imporved thread block scheduling.

Technical details

Card categoryCoprocessor
Max. number per system unit2x in PRIMERGY RX350 S7 / S8
2x in PRIMERGY TX300 S7 / S8
1x in PRIMERGY CX270 S2
Graphics memory speed2.6 GHz
Graphics memory bandwidth208 GB/sec
250 GB/sec
Power consumption225 W / 235 W