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Protect your notebook from unauthorized access and theft.

For maximum security, you need security devices that comprehensively protect your IT systems. Fujitsu security deliver through technologies including the 3M privacy filter, RFID smart cards, the biometric Palm Secure mouse and Kensington locks. These security devices guarantee maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems. This enables “one-stop-shopping”, saving you time and money.

Privacy filter Privacy Filter - half dark screen content

Privacy filters allow you work with peace of mind on public transport or in public places. It prevents a person from viewing data on the display from the right or left side. In fact only the user sitting in front of the display will have a clear view of the contents.

SmartCard Readers SmartCase™ SmartCard Readers

A variety of SmartCard reader/writers to enhance security for systems that lack a build-in reader.

PalmSecure OEM Sensor PalmSecure OEM Sensor STD

The Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor captures an individual´s palm image with a near-infrared light for highly secure logins. The sensor cube is designed specifically for integration in other products and solutions. It provides the opportunity to build custom secure access equipment based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.

PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit STD PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit STD

Fujitsu´s highly secure and easy to use PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit STD captures an individual´s palm image with a near-infrared light. The user simply places the palm of the hand above the sensor, which captures a unique image the blood flowing in the user’s veins. Once that image is captured you can securely login with just your hand.

PalmSecure U Guide PalmSecure U Guide

The Fujitsu PalmSecure U Guide is designed for use in conjunction with the Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor STD. The sensor snaps into the base of the PalmSecure U Guide for easy mounting at a secure access point such as the entrance to a laboratory. The PalmSecure U Guide allows users to effortlessly position their hand optimally for scanning.

Comfort Sensor CS300 CS 300 Comfort Sensor

With Fujitsu’s Comfort Sensor CS300 you can increase comfort and security in your daily work life. The CS300 is a small USB device which is able to detect user presence with the two IR sensors on the front of the system. This device automatically sets your display on standby when leaving your workplace, protecting your display from unauthorized viewers. When you arrive back at your desk, it can wake up the display or even the entire system, depending on your settings.

Security Locks Kensington Locks

Make sure your property stays where it belongs.