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Fujitsu World Tour 2014 : Fujitsu CEMEA&I

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Fujitsu World Tour 2014

The future of your IT is now within reach

Fujitsu’s vision is a world where technology complements all of our lives – a place where information continually delivers knowledge and where innovation thrives. Where we feel in control and safe. In short: A Human Centric Intelligent Society. How does Fujitsu implement this vision? And more importantly, how can your organization benefit from such a vision? How will it reshape ICT and what will be the impact on business and society?

The Fujitsu World Tour 2014 delivers compelling answers to such questions. Starting on 2nd April in Finland, the IT Roadshow will visit 23 destinations in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Keynotes presented by Fujitsu’s top executives and leading technology partners, such as Intel, breakout sessions and expert talks held by IT specialists as well as a comprehensive exhibition, will attract around 10,000 visitors. And you are cordially invited to join us.

As our guest you will be able to discover and understand the latest trends in data center technology, mobility, cloud, big data, and social media. You will learn about the rich portfolio of services, solutions and technologies which Fujitsu can deliver in order to boost productivity, agility, market reach and the customer value of your business.

Locations and agendas for the Fujitsu World Tour 2014 will soon be available on our various country websites. So watch out and join us on our exciting trip though this new era of IT.

We look forward to seeing you!

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