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Speed up: Improve productivity

How to set the pace? Fujitsu servers and storage are the performance champions for your business. Together, they will help you set the pace in your industry.

There are many top-speed athletes competing with you, so you must speed up as well! Performance-hungry databases, time-consuming data analyses, frequently accessed online applications and virtualized server or desktop environments can very quickly lead to computing power and storage bottlenecks. That would harm your business – and your competitiveness and in the last place your revenue. Just think of your customers not being able to access your online shop - or your ERP system is not working properly and you cannot place any customer orders.

No need to worry about that as with PRIMERGY serversOpen a new window and ETERNUS DX disk storage systemsOpen a new window you can overcome these hurdles by having highly-performant and agile systems at your side that interoperate well.

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Business-Centric PRIMERGY Servers

After more than 20 years of experienceOpen a new window, our PRIMERGY servers deliver highest levels of x86 server performance for in-memory computing and resource-intensive applications, which can permanently be adjusted to the actual needs of applications. But it’s not sufficient to have the fastest servers and network connections available; your storage systems must also be able to read and write data at a rapid pace.

Get to know the 10 top reasons why to invest in PRIMERGY serversOpen a new window.

For the highest performance requests, there needs to be a dedicated storage system available, which provides flash technology for SMBs, such as the ETERNUS DX200F. According to IT publication The Register: “An all-flash networked array can do wonders in speeding up data accesses by applications running in connected servers.”

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Tendring District Council

“Fujitsu also represented the best price/performance ratio with minimal commercial risks.”

John Higgins, IT Manager, Tendring District Council

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