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Push yourself to the limit: Boost efficiency

Many IT professionals dream of having endless resources at their fingertips, but in reality resources are limited: especially time and money. The consequence is that efficient processes and systems become a decisive factor.

That is a good reason for integrated systems, such as PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-Box or PRIMEFLEX vShape, where everything is working together very well. They take away the pain involved when building IT solutions on your own; they reduce complexity, shorten the time-to-production and minimize risks. They thus improve resource utilization and result in to cost savings.

AAG Systems
“The beauty of vShape is its simplicity – it took me longer to unbox the kit than it did to get it up and running. Within two hours the system was fully operational and we then migrated everything to the new virtual platform in a matter of hours.”

Matt Shore, Technical Director, AAG Systems

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Where to buy?

Are you a Fujitsu reseller?

Want to become a Fujitsu reseller?

Barrie Knitwear “Fujitsu’s Cluster-in-a-Box is a resilient, reliable and flexible platform that will support our business and growth... It allows us to quickly provision new services while minimising downtime. It is a cost-effective, simple solution that meets our needs exactly.”

Mark Kirkwood, IT Manager, Barrie Knitwear

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Easy and Affordable Storage

ETERNUS DX disk storage systemsOpen a new window are easy to handle and affordable as they offer enterprise-class features as early as the entry-level and there is no need for over-provisioning. Here are 10 reasons why you should go for ETERNUS DX systems.Open a new window

Energy Efficiency

The current PRIMERGY generation is up to 25% more energy-efficient than a record-holding previous generation system. And in 2013, we even won the German Data Center Award for Fujitsu’s energy management solutionOpen a new window.

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Efficient Backup Storage

The backup environment should be efficient as well. Backup appliances with deduplication, such as ETERNUS CS200c and CS800, have many advantages. They are simple and affordable, and reduce typical disk capacity requirements by up to 95%.

Easy IT Management

Every minute you save is a bonus; so why spend time on complicated IT management? You might like to investigate the ETERNUS SF storage management software or the Fujitsu ServerView Suite.

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