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Mobile World Congress - Mobile World Congress 2016 : Fujitsu CEMEA&I

Exhibition Highlights

Human Centric Innovation in Action

Fujitsu helps organizations to digitalize with confidence, to realize innovation by safely balancing new technologies, crucial for business growth, with existing IT, essential for business operations. Mobility is a central part of what we do. From workplace solutions, to wearable technologies, to sensors, to cloud, we believe technology needs to be where people are, not the other way round, supporting them, empowering them, naturally and unobtrusively. We call this Human Centric Innovation.

Fujitsu co-innovates with Customers & IoT Ecosystem Partners to deliver transformative business solutions

IoT is a core driver of digital transformation & business innovation and is centered on the benefits of merging of people, processes, and things. Fujitsu aims to create an environment to support innovation on a proven IoT platform, powering digital transformation with IoT solutions and services for the transformative enterprise. Our strong portfolio of our own intellectual property is combined with a broad ecosystem partners. Our exhibitions highlight various IoT solutions ranging from enterprise wearable devices, middleware applications, to standardized business solutions for customer verticals.

Smart Utilities & Smart Field Services

For organizations with a large proportion of the workforce out in the field (i.e. utilities, telcos, manufacturers, service industry), you have to enable them with the tools to do the job. The Hyperconnected Van is an actual real-life application of IoT technology that will have a positive impact on business but also on people and society. A connected van essentially provides an office on wheels – allowing field personnel to access services such as WiFi connectivity, secure unified communications, and business applications. Another huge plus is getting the right person, with the right tools, in the right place at the right time, every time. By seamlessly linking the van with specific tools and parts – tracked by RFID tags – with back-end inventory and logistics systems, operational efficiency can be transformed. In the utilities sector, this lone worker can be further digitally enabled with augmented reality through our Head Mounted Display and our Ring Input Device. This technology allows operators to manipulate data hands-free without interruption, improving efficiency and safety lone workers undertaking maintenance services in the field. It incorporates motion sensors for text input, a NFC tag reader and wireless communication functionality.

Smart Automotive

Fujitsu offers an array of digital solutions to benefit the driver, fleet manager, the vehicle, the suppliers, and the manufacturers. Specifically, Fujitsu is concerned with improving driver safety and improving fleet management with sensor-based data, one of the biggest challenges of the transport and logistics sector. For example, whilst driving between jobs ensuring the driver is alert and awake is key to theirs and other road users safety, by using the FEELythm drowsiness detector with our proprietary algorithms ensures both the driver and fleet management teams can measure and be alerted to increasing levels of driver drowsiness. This means both parties to react to reduce the levels of risk associated with falling asleep whilst driving.

Workforce Safety with IoT Enterprise Wearables

The safety of a workforce is paramount to any organization but as these teams move into the field they need to be supported whilst travelling and during the job itself. Fujitsu has a range of IoT solutions that can be integrated to ensure this can be achieved. On arrival at a job in many instances a worker maybe alone so having the ability to measure environmental factors in that location and the vital signs of the worker allows central teams to understand any increased levels of risk by identifying when someone is working at height or at and increased risk of heatstroke and react accordingly. Prediction and prevention of issues for lone workers is critically important but accidents will still happen and in those instances the ability to accurately measure and detect a fall ensures a business can react effectively by taking GPS co-ordinates and sending an immediate response to the required location.

Smart Manufacturing

Within manufacturing, digitization empowers consumers, retailers and suppliers to drive complexity and price pressure down through the global supply chain. With shorter product life cycles and manufacturing operations spread around the globe, managing complex and dynamic value chains has become a huge challenge. Fujitsu offers supply chain visibility, factory efficiency, and improved worker safety through IoT, wearables, and RFID technologies. By merging physical world data (from the factory) with digital business applications, we are allowing manufacturers to visualize data in real-time that allows them to improve operations. Through our Kaizen approach, which is the practice of continuous improvement, we lay the groundwork and facilitate Industry 4.0 initiatives for the manufacturing sector.

Smart Healthcare

Many countries are facing an ageing population crisis, population growth, increasing number of individuals with chronic illnesses, and shrinking healthcare budgets. Digital technologies help healthcare providers to understand and serve patients better. Fujitsu helps balance the need to optimize current healthcare systems whilst bringing the best of the most innovative healthcare technologies to deliver a new experience to patients and healthcare staff. We focus on patient / client communications and transaction services, self-management, TeleCare, and Community Healthcare services. We have even digitalized hospital bed sheets and uniforms!

Smart Agriculture

A cow that generates 300MB of data per year is healthier than one that does not. Our cloud-based IoT solution efficiently increases cattle yield and extends the life expectancy of the cow, while simultaneously helping efficient farm management by reducing opportunities lost due to missed estrus. Happy cows, happy farmers, happy consumers!

Smart Transport & Smart City

Growing "urbanization" is creating considerable challenges in terms of transport. According to WHO, closer to 70 % of the global population will live in cities in 2030 and the growing population requires higher transport capacity. However it is not realistic to undertake it just with investment in transport infrastructure, and Fujitsu sees making transport system smarter with data is a key to solve the issues. Fujitsu's Big Data Management & Analytic Service Platform, SPATIOWL, is an enabler to realize “smart transport” by integrating, visualizing and analysing transport-relevant big data, providing useful indications and insights for transport operators and authorities.

Digitalized Creative Spaces

This solution combines ICT with the latest space-digitalizing UI technology to project a virtual window system over large shared spaces, such as tables and walls, allowing people to share and display information on their smart devices easily and intuitively, removing the restrictions of small screens and promoting greater creativity. Entire rooms can be converted into a digital space, with the space-digitalizing technology automatically connecting hand-held smart devices and the display hardware installed in the space, expanding the UI throughout the entire space.

Smart Financial Services

Today’s financial services providers face challenging times. With tightened regulation, increased competition and rapidly changing customer demand it is vital to create new ways to improve customer experience, increase efficiencies, and build trust. Fujitsu understands that in order to be truly digital, banks and insurers must transform their business inside and out; empowering employees and winning customers with superior digital experiences. Our mobility solutions for self-service channels allow for secure and mobile experiences for ATM transactions.

Smart Security

Security has been identified as a huge common threat facing businesses and governments alike with a number of high-profile breaches having been seen against both corporate and public agencies. Fujitsu helps organizations to manage their information security and continuity risks effectively, in-line with their business strategy, providing flexibility in the way they work and enabling secure and resilient business. Identity and Access Management represents an elemental component for each security concept. This is why Fujitsu is focusing on integrated E2E security solutions with PalmSecure technology; the opportunities to implement palm vein technology span a wide range of all vertical markets, especially financial, manufacturing, public sector, retail, and automotive.

Hyperconnectivity & Network Solutions

In the past ICT systems have been arranged around physical assets. It has been a computer centric / network centric world. Today, the IoT means billions of elements generating data and a huge increase in the number of people using streaming services. The network of the past is no longer adequate. Fujitsu believes that the network of tomorrow must put you in the center. The entirety of computing, wide-area networking and mobile devices will be abstracted and controlled by intelligent software enabling the power of ICT to build a Human Centric Intelligent Society. The Network Business group will demonstrate the value of our solutions through product and technology developments including large-capacity and high-speed optimization, power savings, data handling and the reduction of CAPEX/OPEX in the network.

Digital Business Platform

FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc lies at the heart of all our digitalization and transformation solutions as shown here on the exhibition floor. MetaArc is a digital business platform that brings cloud, mobile, big data, IoT, and other advanced technologies together with the knowledge and expertise of Fujitsu's systems engineers. With MetaArc, Fujitsu offers the flexibility that is essential for customers to respond to their evolving and growing businesses. Specifically, MetaArc supports the deployment and operation of SoE, which are essential to connect people and things and generate new innovations, and SoR, the information systems that record internal data and processing work, and seamlessly brings these systems together as an array of one-stop products.

Mobile Devices

Professional Fujitsu devices combined with the new versatile Windows 10 operating system are the perfect match for a human centric workplace. Proven business features complemented with new technologies bring efficiency to your fingertips. In addition, new tablets and notebooks will debut and be shown for the first time. Whether you plan to renew your existing workplace environment or choosing amazing modern devices – Fujitsu provides all you need for your secure and dynamic workplace. Discover Human-Centric Working:
  • Unlimited usability and productivity with FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R726
  • Multi-featured, extremely mobile and made for tough vertical industrial use, FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC V535
  • World's first STYLISTIC tablet and ESPRIMO mini PC supporting ultimate security with embedded PalmSecure technology
  • Easy to use collaboration solution supported by Intel® Unite™ and ESPRIMO Q mini PC to transform existing conference rooms into smart, connected places to meet


We work with a broad ecosystem of partners to provide end-to-end solutions to fit customer, local, and regional requirements. Although Fujitsu prides itself in offering a broad portfolio of digital solutions and services around the globe – we are fully cognizant that we cannot always do it alone. Our MWC partners include (alphabetical order):
  • Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider, delivering global connectivity services and solutions through unrivalled multi-network connectivity in all regions of the World and true pole-to-pole coverage.
  • Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) expands the boundaries of technology to make the most amazing experiences possible. Information about Intel and the work of its more than 100,000 employees can be found at and
  • Libelium designs and manufactures hardware and a complete software development kit (SDK) for wireless sensor networks so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.
  • Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
  • QUUPPA provides reliable real-time sub-meter positioning for location-based solutions and services. Quuppa systems have been successfully applied across various industries including healthcare, industrial internet, retail, security and sports. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Quuppa is a privately-owned independent company, and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • Sico, since its inception in 1986, has always been characterized by an undeniable desire for innovation. In recent years, our efforts have been directed mainly to the development of applications (RFID), bringing the creativity of a highly qualified team and the experience of nearly three decades in the sector.