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Backup for IBM Environments : Fujitsu CEMEA&I

Backup for IBM Environments

Backup for mainframe – by ETERNUS CS8000

For decades, mainframe stands for maximum availability of IT processes. Furthermore, mainframe allows handling large quantities of data and supports numerous end users. The importance of the data managed by mainframe not only ask for a reliable and powerful host- system – but also for an equal reliable and powerful data protection solution – as backup is your last line of defense against data loss.

ETERNUS CS8000 fully supports all leading mainframe OS:
  • IBM® z/OS®
  • IBM® z/VM®
  • IBM® z/VSE®
  • IBM® z/TPF®
  • BULL® GCOS8®

Also Midrange Systems OS
  • IBM® i5/OS®
  • IBM® AIX®, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux®, Microsoft® Windows®

Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS8000, shows a record of success for customers in the mainframe environment since 1999. The platform is used around the world in data centers, most data-intensive vertical markets such as financial services, insurance, telecommunication, public sector, commercial industry and IT Service Provisioning.

The ETERNUS CS8000 development has continued for many years in close collaboration with a well-established user group. That translates into optimal support and keen awareness of the demands arising from daily system use based on real-world best practices.

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