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System Migration

Fujitsu America Legacy Modernization

This capability within Legacy Modernization is to convert the technology on which the system is built into more modern, robust and future proof alternatives.

Fujitsu has many options within this capability which are shown in the “Capability Menu”.

There are many business and technical drivers which lead to the migration of current applications and systems to the most rational and feasible alterative to assist your business when dealing with you specific drivers.

We have listed a number of the most common drivers that we come across in the “Major Client Driver” page below.

The Fujitsu Legacy Modernization Offering Center works with a small number of partners which have high quality solutions. This partnership program allows Fujitsu to supply to your organization an offering that is both wide and deep, whilst always retaining the highest quality deliverables.

Systems Migration

The following list is a subset of the migration we have available:

Mainframe Applications > .NET and Open Source
Adabas/Natural > .NET and Open Source
Unisys, HP3000 > NET and Open Source
Many 4th Generation Languages > NET and Open Source
Lotus Notes > Microsoft Stack
CA-Gen > Java
COBOL / Microfocus > NetCOBOL
Oracle Forms > Open Source

Application Value Assessment

System Migration


Data Migration

Interface Modernization


Major Client Drivers

Partner Program


System Analytics

Legacy Modernization Cloud Modernization




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