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Why Fujitsu for Manufacturing?

"Fujitsu knows manufacturing. As a world-class manufacturer recognized for our lean methodologies, and a leading systems integrator with more than 30 years of experience in the U.S., we have deployed hundreds of SAP and Oracle applications and business services for manufacturing companies just like yours. To minimize the risk of introducing innovative technology, we combine pre-integrated and tested Fujitsu hardware and software with best-practice IT services tailored to your specific sub-industry. This turn-key approach enables faster, lower-cost deployment of templated industry solutions that can be used 'as is' or further customized for your manufacturing operations."

—Paul Bresnahan, Vice President of Services Sales, Fujitsu America


Our Manufacturing Vision and Mission

As a leading global manufacturer itself, Fujitsu leverages its extensive experience with lean manufacturing and incorporates those principles into our services offerings. Fujitsu is one of the top three IT service provider firms in the world with over $23B in revenue in 2009. Fujitsu America has been supporting manufacturing clients for over 30 years. So we have a significant investment in the manufacturing sector, including an impressive amount of intellectual property (IP) that directly benefits our clients. Our mission is to apply that IP so that clients achieve the greatest business impact for the most efficient cost through lean, industry-specific solutions.

Our Approach

Our culture is that of a family business with the focus on consultation. In the role of trusted advisor, we help our clients solve their business problems by providing a level of expertise that they have not yet developed for themselves. We strive to bring tangible 'value adds' that help our clients drive more value in their supply chain, grow their business, and increase their agility.

We can bring these key value adds to our clients because we understand their industry and know their pain points. We know what it takes for a manufacturing company to grow and transform. We know what technologies they need, and we've implemented similar solutions many times over. We know how to design business processes that minimize waste. After doing all of this with other companies in the same industries, time and time again, we have perfected the process and made it repeatable.

Our Market

We primarily serve mid-market manufacturing companies ranging in size from $500 million to $5 billion in annual revenue. Many of these companies have grown up from small manufacturing operations; they have not yet made the necessary investment to know how to apply technologies and processes to their business in order to get the maximum return as they grow in scale. Therefore, we make an impact, bringing significant value to client companies at this level.

Within the Manufacturing mid-market, Fujitsu specifically focuses on the following sub-industries:

  • Food and Beverage/Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale Distribution

Mid-market companies in these sub-verticals need more than what generic service providers typically offer. These clients want partners who are seriously focused on their sub-industry and know the business services that are particular to it, including key applications from Oracle and SAP. Based on our industry experience, we know the questions these clients should be asking, such as how to maximize recipe management and how to track supplies for government compliance. We can guide such businesses to successfully grow into large enterprises.

Our Experience

Fujitsu consultants are forward-thinking industry leaders, known for their ability to bring about innovative change through the thoughtful application of IP. These consultants understand our clients' sub-industries and business challenges. Fujitsu consultants bring tremendous value by helping clients successfully implement the systems and processes that enable growth and business transformation. Because our industry principals have repeatedly managed similar deployments, we have:

  • Identified, pre-configured, and tested the most suitable hardware
  • Integrated proven, best-of-breed software applications
  • Captured best-practice methodologies and other pertinent IP
  • Slashed deployment time and reduced cost by using timeline accelerators
  • Made the process repeatable through use of industry-specific templates

Value Add: Intellectual Property (IP)

The development of IP distinguishes Fujitsu from generic service providers. We deliver our IP in the form of industry expertise and technology standards that enable clients to incorporate the latest technology innovations with minimal risk. By successfully applying IP, we can help clients transform their approach so they are poised for leadership in their respective industries.

Value Add: Industry-Specific Templates

We apply our IP expertise and unique template process to the best enterprise solutions, tailoring them for mid-market companies in specific industry segments. These templated industry solutions are turn-key applications that integrate pre-configured and tested hardware with pre-documented software.

Many clients find these best-of-breed template solutions provide the full functionality they need. Those clients enjoy quick-turn implementation, typically within three to six months (as compared to nine to twelve months for most generic implementations). For clients that need further customization, the flexible template is easily extensible and still speeds deployment. The template approach not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of the solution.

These templated industry solutions provide our clients with a foundation for ongoing business improvements and better decision making.

Ingredients for Success

As a leading supplier of manufacturing solutions, Fujitsu understands the challenges that our client companies face. Drawing upon our own extensive experience in lean manufacturing, and the in-depth insight of our industry consultants, we guide each step of the business-transformation journey. Our comprehensive solutions include hardware, software, consulting, and services—all delivered at a lower cost and on an accelerated timeline. With best-practice methodology, proven technology standards, and our own pre-integrated IP, we have made the process repeatable and predictable, minimizing the risk to our clients.

Fujitsu solutions help clients:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Streamline business processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste and process steps
  • Facilitate growth and business transformation



With 30 years of experience as a lean manufacturer in the U.S., Fujitsu understands your business and knows your pain points. Our industry experts have combined best-practice methodologies with our own intellectual property (IP) to create templated industry solutions scaled to the mid-market. These solutions help you streamline operations, increase agility, and facilitate the business transformation that empowers market leadership.

Manufacturing Offerings

Consumer Goods/Food and Beverage

We can help you:

  • Increase visibility via customized dashboards
  • Improve transportation management
  • Speed period-end financial closing

Industry-Specific Templates

Unlike competitors who deploy the same solution across all industry segments, Fujitsu provides multiple template-based solutions, including one specifically designed for food processing companies. With the template approach, we can give you clear expectations up front about the typical results you are likely to achieve. The flexible template also saves time and reduces cost during the implementation phase, quickly getting your solution up and running, yet allowing for any customization that your operations may require.

A Foundation for Improvement

With Fujitsu solutions, you establish standards for the time and cost associated with various manufacturing process steps. Our systems then monitor performance to determine any deviations from your set standards. Results are tracked in dashboard reports tailored to the interests of various areas and levels of your organization, such as Operations, Procurement, and the Executive Staff. Each group sees only the key performance indicators (KPI) that are pertinent to them. This dashboard visibility enables each group to spot variances and rapidly intervene to correct them, thus improving operational efficiency.

Solutions Offerings

Fujitsu brings you an industry-specific, low-cost, and accelerated SAP ERP solution which can be implemented within 8 to 12 weeks, helping you to realize many business benefits at up to 30% lower TCO.

Fujitsu ERP and Supply Chain Solution Fact Sheet (849 KB)

SAP Food and Beverage Business Solutions Fact Sheet (465 KB)


Pre-configured and tested solution sets that address the following challenges confronting automotive OEMs and parts suppliers:

  • Rising cost of materials
  • High inventory levels
  • Workforce productivity issues
  • Non-integrated systems from different vendors

More Information on Automotive Offerings

Transportation Management

Fujitsu uses a Business First approach to implement Oracle's world class transportation management product. OTM provides robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to manufacturers, shippers and third party logistics providers that delivers performance based value that you find on your bottom line. By integrating and streamlining processes across your logistics value chain, you can provide flexible and global fulfillment options that produce reduced transportation costs, improved customer service and increased asset and workforce utilization.

The Fujitsu Business First approach delivers:

  • Immediate Focus on business success attributes and ROI targets
    • Solution outcomes that meet your ROI objectives
    • Lean principles for supply chain are in our DNA
    • Ongoing Value Assurance for sustainable return and constant differentiation
  • A team led by transportation and logistics experience
    • Direct from the logistics industry
    • Deep G-Log/OTM roots and experience
  • Oracle Transportation and Logistics Solutions
    • Investment that takes you beyond out-of-the-box functionality
    • Freight and Parcel Platform Solution that delivers total transportation management capabilities
  • Transportation/Logistics specific Methodology – Your business anchor
    • OTM implementation program designed for rapid deployment
    • Program Management to drive business value
    • Organizational Change Management features

OTM Success at TTI Floor Care Case Study (393 KB)

Wholesale Distribution

Implementing SAP ERP doesn't have to be a long or expensive process. Fujitsu brings you an accelerated and low cost solution in 12-16 weeks realizing many business benefits such as automated chargeback management, cutting your cash cycle in half and recovering 14-18% of chargebacks, previously not billed to vendors. The Fujitsu solution also includes an internet portal allowing customer to place orders online an immediately receiving an ATP confirmation. The online portal allows wholesales the ability to explore new revenue streams and to grow without being limited by the size of sales staff.

Other benefits our customers realize include:

  • Streamlined Business Processes
    • Fast financial capability
    • Increased efficiency by higher automation
    • Integrated solution (ERP, LES, CRM)
    • Decreased annual operating expenses
    • Improved warehouse velocity
    • Improved cash-flow through Chargebacks and Vendor Rebate Management
  • Reduced Inventory Loss Through
    • Enhanced Tracking Using Dual Units of Measure
    • Improved Margin Visibility
    • Broadened Reporting Capability
    • Optimized Transportation

Fujitsu Catch Weight Management Solution Fact Sheet (483 KB)

Manufacturing Industry Technology Solutions

Value Chain Planning

Fujitsu has effectively harnessed its experience in industry best practices and created solutions around leading value chain planning applications.

Business Intelligence (BI)

A decision-support system that enables your organization to analyze the present business situation, reveal alternative courses of action, and project possible future outcomes. Transforms data into valuable business information that improves decision making and helps your organization navigate to a successful future.

More Information on BI Offerings

Fujitsu Delivers

Is your business wrestling with throughput issues or spending too much on excess inventory? Do you want to increase accuracy in forecasting and scheduling?

We have expertise in these areas and more. For 30 years, Fujitsu has supported hundreds of manufacturing clients in the U.S., across all segments of the industry. We have helped these clients achieve the following results:

  • Slashed implementation time for a leading consumer goods company. Through use of an industry-specific accelerator, it took just days to get a new fully configured, pre-tested and pre-documented server up and running.
  • Reduced aging product losses by 60% by installing Oracle's Value Chain Planning solution at a major food processor.
  • Achieved a 99% initial order configuration accuracy and 0% shipping errors resulting in a 30% reduction in Daily Sales Outstanding for a global high tech manufacturing enterprise.
  • Service levels average 99% for Managed Service clients.
  • Implemented 28 modules of Oracle EBS and replaced over 140 legacy discrete systems in 10 months at a major automotive supplier.
  • Decreased freight spend by 3 cents per pound when Transportation Management was installed at a top tier consumer products manufacturer.
  • Reduced administrative costs for Chargeback Management by 80% and Sales Order Entry time by 50% when SAP software suites were installed at a mid-sized food distributor.