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Major Client Drivers for Modernization

Fujitsu America Legacy Modernization

Throughout the years of experience Fujitsu has in Legacy Modernization we have seen a great number of drivers which have resulted in clients requesting us to undertaken Legacy Modernization projects. Some are admittedly quite unique whilst the vast majority have common drivers which occur in many organizations.

An important point to recognize is that the majority of modernization projects occur due to business drivers such as, business opportunities or the containment of business risk. Technical drivers also have a part to play in the decision of the organization but these are less likely to be the main overarching reasons to undertake a modernization project.

There is also a great difference in the decision as to whether an organization is going to try to undertake a modernization on their own or utilize a company like Fujitsu that does this sort of work day in and day out. Modernization is different from “Business as Usual” development and maintenance and we have seen many occasions where clients come to us after they have unfortunately failed in an internal modernization project which has proved to be expensive and time consuming.

Listed below are the most common Business and Technical Drivers:

Business Drivers

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Client/Partner Access to Systems (Mobile Apps/ Web etc)
  • Modern Access Methods (Allowing for Big Data)
  • Mobility Access to Current Systems (Without changing system)
  • Access to Cloud Platform Options
  • Compliance and Legislations Issues
  • Removal of Reliance on Vendors and Vendor Lock in
  • Greater Available Functionality and Mash-ups
  • Better Aligned Systems than your Competitors
  • Scalability (allow for growth)
  • Ability to Handle Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Faster Response Times

Technical Drivers

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Removal of Reliance on Old, Expensive Skillsets
  • Removal of Dead and Dying Technology
  • Removal of Data Access Issues
  • Removal of Reliance on Vendors and Vendor Lock in
  • Simplification of Portfolio
  • Gap Issues for ERP Configuration
  • Removal of unknowns within the system functionality
  • Greater proportion of budget to spend on enhancements
  • Greater access to modern functional options
  • More rapid development
  • Greater ability to utilize cloud options
  • Greater knowledge of systems (documentation)
  • Greater ability for systems to interact
  • Stronger roadmap for systems

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Major Client Drivers

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