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Interface Modernization

Fujitsu America Legacy Modernization

The Fujitsu Legacy Modernization capability “Interface Modernization” covers a number of separate but often inter-related options.

The first of these is the User Interface Integration. In this option we do not change the underlying system in anyway. We create a new front end for the system to improve its look and feel, improve functionality and ease of use. For instance we can use this option to create mobile app style user interfaces via cloud services for systems which are still functioning as green screen technology on a mainframe.


Another option is Mash-up, without changing the underlying applications we can utilized parts of existing internal and external systems to create new systems with enhanced functionality.

The third major option is the utilization of our tool-sets to alter integration paths and interfaces into SOA ready services. This allows applications to interact with each other without the need for bespoke integration services being built and allows the functions that have been built in one system to be used by other systems without the need for rewriting.

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Interface Modernization


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