Efficient and active observation of store operations -
Fujitsu profit protection

Fujitsu’s profit protection platform is based on over 30 years of loss prevention IP developed alongside leading retail brands. In use at thousands of stores worldwide, it helps secure higher profits by minimizing errors, fraud and theft. This solution protects your operational profit in stores effectively. Superior technology uniquely enables worldclass retail companies fighting against losses. This solution actively reduces financial risks and efficiently safeguards all in-store processes against shrinkage.

Fujitsu profit protection

More Profitable Service Counters

  • Actively reduce inventory losses at the service counters.
  • Reliable identification of candidates who either prevent the registration of their service counter transactions on a one-time or repeated basis.

Retail Challenge

According to the study “NRF 2023 National Retail Security Survey” by the NRF Association, the damage caused by inventory losses in the North American retail sector reached 2022 2.0% of sales. More recent studies predict that losses in global retail will exceed a threshold of 4% latest in 2024. (as reported by CNN Business Nov. 23)

Fujitsu’s Solution Approach

The profit protection SaaS platform merges information of multiple data sources intelligently and performs high-speed cross-application analyses. It is a fully modular platform that can synchronize with data of any core retail system (PoS, ERP, etc.).

Fujitsu profit protection

Efficient and active observation of store operations

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Fujitsu profit protection

Active monitoring of store processes in retail

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Workshop - 1 Day: “Smart managing and monitoring of in-store processes”

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Concrete advantages for retail

Save time by accessing one platform instead of multiple solutions

Reduce time to action by at least 40%. Fujitsu profit protection turns data into actionable insights as the solution combines a range of information from different data sources and provides the user with a cross-application analysis.

Benefit from a fast user adoption and minimized training invest

The UX is co-designed with worldwide leading retail brands, securing a fast adoption of users across all hierarchies (Audit Team, Profit protection Team, Store Manager, and Store Operation Management). The intuitive user interface reduces any training investment to an absolute minimum.

Discover the Advisory Team securing a minimized ramp up and a fast ROI

Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in securing profitable retail business unified in the new Fujitsu Platform. The project is split in technology and business support. This will secure best fit and coverage of business logic uncovering business damaging behaviour faster and precise.

Reduce losses by uncover reasons and candidates impacting stock shortage most

Easily detect business-critical activities resulting in stock shortages, enabling cause and effect analysis in stores where the product shrinkage is above average.

Access the platform tailored to your requirements

Leverage a secure and high-performance platform, build modular and composable configurations to meet specific retail requirements. It's a proven platform, reducing financial risks and secures process compliance in thousands of retail stores worldwide.

Customer Testimonial

Fujitsu profit protection includes proven technology, as it is already utilized to secure compliance in thousands of store worldwide!

What our clients say about profit protection and the profit protections team:

“The time for detection of fraudulent activities has been dramatically reduced from 60+ days to 5 days on average.”

“Multidisciplinary consultation was a significant factor in the success of the project and the adherence to the schedule for the worldwide rollout.”

“Constant advice and support with short response times during the rollout enable agile fine-tuning of the platform logics.”

“Rules that have been defined and agreed together with Fujitsu can be adapted independently and internally within the company. Customer-specific configurations can be carried out autonomously.”

"For the quality assurance of store processes, profit protection is being rolled out worldwide.”

“An intuitive user interface simplifies the training of new users.”

“profit protection combines a range of information from different data sources and provides the user with a cross-application analysis.”

“The automated filtering of conspicuous transactions leads to an efficient transaction audit and allows for the determination of appropriate measures.”

merge & match @ Fujitsu profit protection

In retail, the SCO stands for a significant increase in losses. Studies currently show at least a doubling of shrinkage, which are to be budgeted for with the introduction of SCOs.

Retailers agree that the main reason for this is the lack of customer-oriented adaptation of the classic checkout process to SCO procedures. Ultimately, this means that customers will be encouraged to behave incorrectly. The attempt to secure the processes at the SCO with dedicated personnel generates costs that negate the planned cost benefits for retailers. The way in which supervision and, if necessary, controls are carried out is most likely rather unstructured and to a certain extend unprofessional - because security companies are used - and tends to annoy customers. Global Commerce has described its vision for an optimized SCO process to Fujitsu in discussions, e.g. as part of the introduction of the profit protection project.

With merge & match, Fujitsu has developed smart assistance systems that go well beyond the minimum requirements of the retail sector. Fujitsu merge & match intelligently supports the customer throughout the entire self-scan process. The customer is actively navigated through the process and merge & match proactively corrects potential misconduct during the scanning and payment process at the SCO.

Dedicated supervisory staff for checking at the SCO are no longer required for most installations thanks to merge & match. Instead, cashiers from traditional check-outs can take over final approval processes.

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