This page provides links to information about Fujitsu hardware and software products for communications networks.

5G base station

Virtualized CU/DU (vCU/DU)

Fujitsu virtualized CU/DU offers the potential to contribute to significant reductions in the total CO2 emissions throughout carriers’ 5G wireless systems by 50% or more compared to conventional RAN technology.

5G Radio Solution

The Fujitsu Radio Access Network (RAN) solution is an organic, disruptive ecosystem that has been tested and integrated as a complete solution to the challenges of the 5G network.

Compact Modular Optical Networking

A pay-as-you-grow approach, evergreen technology design and open, pluggable optics

Network Management, Control and Automation

Software systems and tools that save time, cut costs and improve network performance

Traditional Packet Optical and OTN

Maintaining and extending the life of legacy networks

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