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FUJITSU Network NETSMART 1500 Management System


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The NETSMART 1500 management system is a powerful software system that supports and manages the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE product family and legacy Fujitsu NEs. Its intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes provisioning, maintenance and troubleshooting a simple, efficient process. The system accommodates networks of all sizes, scaling to support hundreds of users and thousands of NEs-securing your existing investment and supporting future growth.
Netsmart 1500NETSMART 1500 Animation (Requires Flash)

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The NETSMART 1500 software integrates with your existing and future Operations Support System (OSS) architecture, supporting up to 8,000 NEs and 200 concurrent client sessions per system. The software protects network integrity by restricting user roles, manages upgrades of NE software remotely and performs disaster recovery of NE software and databases.


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