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Network Evolution with 1FINITY Series:

Functionally Disaggregated Blade

Four fundamental trends are driving today's telecom market-industry consolidation,network and IT convergence,software evolution,and disaggregation.

Only one-disaggregation-is the key to the open,agile,plug-and-play network that in five years will be ubiquitous.

Fujitsu is shifting the foundation of optical networking platforms away from complex,vertically integrated,hardware-based architectures to a disaggregated paradigm.

The revolutionary Fujitsu 1FINITY platform launches a new category of network equipment,spanning access,packet optical,and more.

The 1FINITY platform leverages functionally disaggregated hardware components and reaggregates their functionality through enhanced software. The blade-centric 1FINITY architecture delivers unprecedented flexibility,scalability,and efficiency,providing a pay-as-you grow approach and evergreen technology design,supporting open pluggable optics,open APIs and open-standard protocols.

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Dynamic ROADM Functionality

Photo of 1FINITY L100


1.2 Tbps Ethernet Switch


800 Gbps Transponder for DCI

1FINITY T200 and T210

Transponders for long-haul and subsea

1FINITY T300 and T310

1 TbpsTransponder and 200Gbps Muxponder for Metro


1 Tbps Layer 1 Aggregator